Anyone here worked with Akoman or the Yatukan current? Not really seeing much using the search function here so I’m guessing not much.

I’m back in action (practice) after a lengthy sabbatical and am experimenting/embarking on a new path. Apparently Akoman is my “gateway demon” greeting me at the trail head so to speak. Per the link below the author says he’s “syncretized” with Belial in the western tradition but I’m not really looking for comparisons there just strictly experience anyone has or believes they have with Akoman.

Akoman is the second one in the link. Ironically, one of this entities alleged specialties is my forté.


Thanks for posting the site it’s always great to find these sorts of demon lists. Cheers! Never worked with Akoman though but it was great to learn about him today. Best of luck to you on your path.

I think Micheal Ford links Akoman with the black sun in one of his books.

I didn’t work through the specific pathworkings given in it, but Ford’s “Gates Of Dozak” has information about Akoman, and while people get sneery about his books in genewral, I found the sigils and information in that book reliable - which is to say, when I got it I’d already had contact with some spirits in that paradigm, and the details in the book matched those experiences.

Akatasha is the spirit I worked with most from those listed in it, a very helpful and no-nonsense spirit.

Yes gates of dozak is excellent and Ford’s later books are alright from what i have seen its just his earlier ones people don’t like

To me at this point Akoman is a state of mind, a mental function. I think it literally translates to “evil minded” it represents the proactive, predatory, cunning, and plotting conscious mindset as opposed to wasting brainpower, being a victim etc. It represents subconscious and instinctual knowing of how to react to scenarios and cultivating the isolate Will of Set.