Aine, sun goddess

So I was reading about the goddess, aine, in my book on the Morrigan. I’m not convinced she is another form of the Morrigan, but whatever. Anyway, I’m thinking about working with her. Enthusiasm, energy, creativity, sexuality, I could use more of these aspects in my life.

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Many of the Egyptian Goddesses are very solar too. Bast is lovely as is Hathor, people often forget Lilith has many solar aspects too. She’s literally one of the Queen’s of infernal fire. Invoking basically leaves me feeling in love and all I want to do is smile and dance. Both Lilith and Naamah have a very playful feel to them for me, at least when they’re in a lighter mood.

I don’t have any experience with the Celtic pantheon, so I can’t comment on that.


Honestly, when it comes to me and my experiences, I’m not convinced that all these contractual aspects (maybe except Morgana Le Fay) are the Morrigan herself. There is just too much uncertain information and concepts that seem to be chaotic to me.

Some people counts Nemain as one of the Morrigan when some say it’s Aine or even Mab, or that Macha is not connected to Morrigan. From my experience, intuitively I feel they’re all separate in some way and they operate as sisters together (sort of family), but not as one being and they’re not originally from the Morrigan herself (just my opinion and impression here, I know people will disagree, but that’s alright).

Does not really matter how you perceive “The Morrigans” or her aspects, they’re all connected to themselves in some specific way, and if it works for you, then everything is fine, no matter how you want to define them.

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