The light bound celestial procession goeth forth.proceeding on behalf of the procession are the non-light and uninitiated light. The procession is the realm of all possibility divided by spectrum. Love is sound. Thought is light.

Inuit - seer of the faintest, thinker of the first thoughts, works with the law seers

Tawu - acts as an agent of “karma” guiding the hidden aspects of life, judgment, and healing, cherisher of truth

Umra - meditator upon the law, seer of harmonies, seer overall, judge of gods

Kiel - overseer of the law, hidden court authority over angels

Mu - upholder of the law, cherisher of law, protector of life, guide of the young and the pure

Oosrouc - breather of life, the silent stirring of guilt and shame to illuminate self judgement, breaker of the dysfunctional natures

Enahsh - guide of the law, friend of gods and the ascended, ascender, Herald of the law before gods and angels

Utu - bearer of the light, binder of foreign light, divider of spectrum, defender of light

Ee - bringer of light, initiator of salvation, drawer forth from the deep, defender of the uninitiated, teacher of law to the uninitiated

Lamensh - tester of law, judge of the soul and burden of the spirit, leader from darkness to light, hidden comfort to the broken

Egrec - unwritter of law, harsh bearer of the law, conscience of those without conscience

This is great, but be helpful if you post the results you’ve got from these? :slight_smile:

I will but later. Such would form suggestion. Gota allow the ripple to pass first.

Where did you get those names?