Ahriman's Hot pepper Meditation of darkness

Ahriman’s Hot pepper Meditation of darkness

This meditation was taught by ahriman himself to me
its purpose was to connect with my darkness and the his darkness becuase my connection to it is so unifcated,for i just dont want to be a magician and zanda of ahriman but i want to become me a div and ahriman opened the path for me.


if you already started the path of ahriman chances are you feel darkness everywhere
and anywhere.

look at yourself in the mirror look to your forehead and unwarp all your darkness and focus on the forehead full of pure darkness.

eat a hot pepper it could be jalapeno or any sour peppers that you can find on bulgarian and russian stores.

when you eat it show no reactian,dont expose it let it be,let it sweat you let it burn you,dont move or scream,but go through it while unwarping and feeling all that pain,heat and darkness
and consume them,go through the pain and heat standing strong.


Damn…so basically you getting used to pain

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actualy for me was a different expirience.

as i done that the physical ecstasy caused by the hot pepper alligns with with the intensity of the realised darkness within you as you let this energy which for me was most commonly the root chakra it goes into the ajna chakra that is filled by pure spiritual darkness.

the hot peppers seems to trigger more of that energetic ecstasy of darkness,but i imagine blessing the pepper for more results.

Ok Ill put that into my to do list

And I hear pain is useful in magic

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thats true pain will push you and destroy you,you must know how to handle and use it.

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I didn’t know if you have worked with Ahriman…
When I scanned you a name Ahriman passed by …but I thought seems he always shows up from the blue it was just my thought…

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Aslo that bloody robed man that you saw was probably akoman the gateway to Ahriman.

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Oohhh that’s good then…:smile: