Ahriman Ohrmazd and Az-Jeh

Hi Everyone!

Today i was reading a Book called Paitisha, Its a Grimoire of Persian Sorcery,
and i was pondering about some terms and key concept found in this grimoire, and i wanted to share with you what i’ve learn

First of all, Since my coming to the Left Hand Path, I heard, read and see many People Teaching What Darkness and Light are supposed to be about, Many of these Person have Great Idea and Have Help me found my Personal Concept of Darkness and Light etc… But many have in my Own Opinion Too Much Right Hand Path Programming in them.

I dont really Like all this Dualistic Conception of the World, i dont even belief in Dualism, but its more easier to Explain these Concept using Dualistic Term,

Bear in Mind that what is written Here is just my Personal Conception on these Concept, Feel free to use it as a base if you like it, or modify it , in fact do what you want with it.

So, What is Darkness, What is Light in my own Conception?

My Paradigm is one of Persian Sorcery, For me Darkness is Represented by the Deity Ahriman and Light is by the Deity Ohrmazd.

In the Mazdeen and Zoroastrian Lore, The Wife of Zurvan, the First God get Pregnant of two Sons, Zurvan said to his Wife that the First that would be Born will have the Rulership of the Kindgom,

Ahriman Hear this in the Womb of His Mother and Tore his Way up from the Womb, Before his Brother Ohrmazd.

Ahriman is seen as a Personification of Darkness and Fire, and Ohrmazd is seen as a Personifaction of Light.

In my Paradigm, Ahriman(Darkness) Represent the Chaos, the non manifested, the Pure Potentiality from which Order, Creation (Light)Arise
For me Darkness is like a Blank Canvas, where things can be painted.

In My Paradigm, Ohrmazd(Light) is the Order, the Manifested, Light is All the Manifested Creation,

With this Conception, i just throw out all the Right Hand Path Conception
Also, i seen some Magician Teach that Darkness is the Lower instinct of Men, the Atavistic and Subconscious Desire, and that Light is the Higher Articulation of men, for me, this Definition bear too much Right Hand Path Concept and Belief,

I came to the Realisation that Anger, Sadness Rage etc… are not by Definition Lower than Love. Joy etc… In fact many Horrible Things was done in the Name of Love, and Many Greats And Beneficient Things where done in the name of Anger and Insurection, i Think that what makes an Emotion more Useful than another is the Circonstance in Which this Emotion is Manifested.

I think that as Black Magician, We Must transcend all the ‘‘Morality concept’’ and Strive for what is Useful for us in any given Situation, instead of Striving for the ‘‘Higher Action’’.

For me Darkness and Light are a All, they Need each Other to Exist and in my own Opinion are not Separeted.

Another Terms i use is Az-Jeh, in the Zoroastrian Lore, Az-Jeh is the Bride of Ahriman, she Woke Him up when he was in a Deep Slumber for three Thousand Years, and it is by her action that He was Brought to Life and Action Again.

So for me, Az-Jeh Represent the Force that Create from the Darkness, Az-Jeh Represent the Will of the Sorcerer to Manifest is Desire from Darkness to Light.

I hope this Post will be Useful for You.