Ahriman and the Death Current

How would the blackened Flame of Ahriman relate to the death current. If the black sun is the essence of the primordial void that is all, where does the death current reside in relation to it? What relationship does this current have with Necromancy and ancestor work?

I propose this question because even though I want to get started in this work, you mentioned this current is different and sometimes even incompatible with some other types of work. So I’d like to know how one would go about performing Death Magick through it, as that is one of the main paths I desire to follow and merge with.


Great question. I can’t wait to see the answer.

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Spiritual ancestor worship is a part of the second book. Through the Path of Smoke we revere the ancient dead of the Daeva cult to tap into ancient wisdom. While Ahriman is the Lord of Counter Creation who rules over the Divs his other half Az-Jahi rules over death and decay and the Druj Nasu. Astovidat or Astwihad is the main initiator of necromancy and it is BRIEFLY touched on within the first text. Specifics have yet to be given.

Consider BMOA a canopy text covering the long term objectives of the current. A lifetime of work is present in the text if you wish to work it. The second text will deal in other “sub-divisions” of the current. Necromancy is one of those. Their are many more talismans and fetishes and rites of low magick which can be employed as the adept works toward the more long term nature of the work in BMOA.


I was reading a section in the black magic of Ahriman 1 am to 2 am in the morning ritual of decay making a black candle out of rotten meat which i can use top side mince because it bracks up really fine, dead flies, magots thats a go magots are very high in protein, very interesting and a large black rat.:joy::persevere::grinning::+1:

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I just finished reading the book this morning before work and realized it presents a few entities that teach the death current and thus necromancy. So I guess now it’s just a matter of engaging in the work and gaining the teachings through communion itself.


I believe study book first practical second, and i find if still find hard i re read again and again more times read book a more of a connection as learn buy as go along, i notice book tells what is needed i read book like 2, 3 to 5 times gives me enough time to have everything needed probably i find buy in bulk to as that way takes a long time to run out stock up on pillar candles eg. 2 red 1 black, so 10 red and 5 black, i buy also 10 extra for black for ouija board and other things.:slight_smile:

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I am well aware of that, sir. Even the book itself suggests that in the text. What I’m saying is this is obviously a pathworking and not a simple formula to use when convenient. This is surely not the Goetia so I’m not going to approach this on a needy basis. This is about to be my life’s first real pathworking.

This author could (maybe should) really go independent. He’s got some major shit going for him. This could easily grow into its own BALG-sized movement while instead being based solely on alchemy in this shadow-shrouded but massive living current.