Ahl'far'dahn -- Getting a Job Immediately?

The description of Ahl’far’dahn is "supplying the very basics of life in emergency situations"
In a modern urban setting, would this in principle include having income from work?
What is the difference between the offices of this spirit and Salas’ash?

An aside question: what do the ’ apostrophes represent in the names of the spirits?

Thanks in advance

Well I always thought the apostrophes represented breaks in the names, phonetically, as a guide of how to pronounce them. As opposed to using a space which would give two names and would be incorrect.

IMO no, I don’t think this particular Nether would be ideal for finding you a job, as the basics of life are food, water and shelter. Not money.

Just my 2c :slight_smile:

PS. There are plenty of other spirits you could use to find a job. The angel Phorlakh or the Nether which is responsible for helping you find the job you are most suited for (sorry can’t remember the name) for example.

or the Nether which is responsible for helping you find the job you are most suited for (sorry can't remember the name) for example.

Are you referring to Halah’thor?
My impression was that this spirit works over a slower, long-term process.
Does this spirit respond to immediate needs?

Yes, thats the one. I’ve not personally worked with this Nether, but in the BOA I’m sure EA said it was a matter of days or something.

I find the description of this spirit’s offices on pp.132
Is there another reference? I don’t see where a specific development time is mentioned, but as written as I understand it, it seems more long term than immediate.

[edited] Halah’thor is of the House of Malkash: “Azazel’s Third House is called Malkash. These are the informers, the gatherers and deliverers of information…” BOA on pp.101
As I understood it, it is the House of Anatel which creates change quickly. Do the spirits of the other houses also move quickly? or over a longer period of time?
Or if anyone can suggest a spirit from the BOA which is best suited to help bring work and income quickly, Thanks in advance

Ahl’far’dahn is a good spirit to work with I used him a couple of times.

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