Agnihotra // HOMA Therapy // Sunrise & Sunset Fire Sacrifice Ritual

So I have recently discovered a vedic healing fire called agnihotra.

The fire is performed at specific times relating to the earth’s biorythm of sunrise and sunset.

The fuel for the fire is dried cows dung, with ghee and unbroken brown rice grains as the sacrifice.

Certain chants are also involved giving reverence to the all pervasive presence and the sun.

Apparently performing this daily ritual heals the atmosphere in the immediate surroundings.

Heal the atmosphere and the atmosphere heals you… that is the main premise.

People experience healing by being in that environment, and others even use the ash to heal.

Plants grow much quicker and faster and fruit and veg is much more productive.

So the lesson is that a healthy environment/atmosphere allows for nature and beings to thrive.

I am about to read Koettings free book “The Nine Demonic Gatekeepers” which references:

Why do they aspire to accelerate human evolution, and how can humanity reciprocate?

Could it be that this ritual that is referenced as divine in nature due to the results in body/mind/spirit,

is somehow also related to the nine demonic gatekeepers?

Sure people have reported to be witness to such beings as the birds of peace in their fires…

Although the whole dark/light, yin/yang, male/female, etc, etc synergy could imply wholeness?

A state of being where the left and right hand paths have unified to create something more than?

Obviously agnihotra is a form of sun worship… and without the sun we cease to exist…

I haven’t experienced the atmosphere or the ritual just yet but plan to learn…

After all, it couldn’t be too bad to find perfect balance and thrive in all manners of speaking.

Even Nikola Tesla mentioned 3/6/9 being the spiritual and thus keys to the universe:

The copper pyramid has 3 steps to it and is even called a havan kund…

Could this be where the phrase “heaven (havan) on earth” originated?

I imagine that true heaven on earth is the unification of dark and light to become one…

Something like whole brain functioning/thinking where both left and right brain work together as one,

Etc… Etc…

What are your thoughts? Could this be how we reciprocate to accelerate evolution?

It is stated that bees living in that environment mutate to become some new super bee…

Seems very interesting to me, would love to hear your responses:


There’s a lot to vedic fire sacrifice honestly… Most of the knowledge has been lost and the ones that do have it are difficult to find. Feel free to perform the ritual, keeping in mind the symbolic references. For example fire can relate to the digestive fire that breaks down food, or the fire of the mind that assimilates the knowledge that you gain. Even the act of sex, each thrust is a sacrifice into the fire of the vagina

Well there’s only one that I’m currently interested in and that is the agnihotra sunrise and sunset attuned fire ceremony that is associated with the HOMAge Therapy healing system.

The fire consists of burning dried cow dung and now I can understand why Indian’s revere the cow as a sacred animal that is not to be eaten, etc, etc…

Thanks for commenting, and yes I guess only through regular practice I will better be able to understand the full symbology, and experience the full benefits…

The process is not only great for personal healing, but is first and foremost for healing the planet… apparently can clear chemtrails and the like in a single session, so will have to wait and see :slight_smile:

Here’s a small explaination. Everything is a vibration, and burning specific items in specific combination releases vibrations related to your aim. Fire is treated as a living being in Hinduism. Send me a pm i could provide you resources about homa

I find nature fascinating, and have had some beautiful experiences which have shown me that nature and all of her aspects is well and truly alive… and as such, it would probably be fair to say that fire is a living being, just as much as water, or the air, or a bird, etc… the vibrations and energy exchanges may be different, although at the same time the process of living connects them all… but i digress :slight_smile:

Couldn’t figure out how to PM you… could you message the resources to me somehow? Or simply post them here? Either way it would be greatly appreciated!

New users can’t PM until they’ve been active on the site a little longer.

@Kaamdev, could you not just post your info for @faelix here?

The material i have is copyrighted so i wonder if that would be against the rules

I would expect so. Why not post the reference for people to follow up on then?
A link to the book on Amazon or to the blog would be fine. Otherwise name the author and explain in your own words how you use the technique?

I sent her the material on pm. If you want it too I’ll send it to you

That’s alright; it would be wasted on me. Thank you though.

Thanks for the reading material, as per my PM was interesting :slight_smile:

The HOMA or agnihotra that I was referring to is a little different to what you supplied information on…

I did send you some links, although for others that may be interested to learn more and maybe practice for oneself… here are some resources you may like to explore at your own leisure:

Thanks and have a great day!

what youre speaking of is fire worship in vedic sense. it is a more built upon version of an elemental cleansing.

Homa is traditionally a form of purification. well not rather a cleansing would make more sense.

think of it like legend of korra what she does to the spirits, but it does this through using the person and the ritual as medium between the internal energies and outer.

It was done to appease salty spirits and also to cleanse areas of energy. Im not sure about the implications of it being a banishing sort of phenomenon because the spirits would be in a " better mood" after. It also has other implications in indian culture ( myself being from a vaishnva (vishnu worshippers for sake of simplicity) lineage family and myself being more shaivnavists (a shiva worshipper by nature I’ve found), such as in vedic tradition and text that spirits " eat" through what humans understand as a “sense of smell”

but homa is something akin to scrying an area and cleansing it, done to heal and release the karmic bonds which spiderweb entangle an area and cause spiritual anomalies/spirits being less than favorable to humans. It was commonly for lesser spirits, and is something hindus now use as housewarming cleansing ritual.

it also can be seen as balancing the energetic ecosystem, where the nature spirits, and animals and really all entities are addressed. From how I was taught growing up, you can piss off spirits by not acknowledging them with either intention, or offering.

its something that can be performed daily weekly or monthly. and doesnt have to be time specific but there are always better times and setups for rituals regardless of the pathworking is there not?

The Aghora series actually does a solid justice to it as far as instruction on how to.
heres a link to it. use the link to ctrl f find the page number for homa and then hit see other formats and scroll down to get the pdf version which shows the original book and sigils and visual display on how to do a homa properly.

This was written through an aghori perspective, the LHP black magic tantra of hinduism per se. But fire and shiva worshippers, from a young age i was always drawn to fire and shiva, and when forced on the hindu pilgrimages i met many forms of these pathworkers who did fire rituals differently. Most of them would do a homa with a dhuni which is like a pet fire you keep as a scrying tool which is constantly being charged. In India theres cremation grounds which act as a dhuni but thats some wild necromancy shit that goes beyond my experience so i won’t speak on it.

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send me please the resources =)

Fire is always been a living being to me before i understood my hindu upbringing, it was basically my first friend in the world. so im a sucker for fire related knowledge

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