Agents of choas & those of order

Well today i read through S ben qayins ( i hope i spelled that right) 6 classes of spirits article reading through the article i got to the part where he started talking about the demonic and if im not mistaken under it was the angelic . now paraphrasing he says referring to demons ~ the agents of choas who have been warring with the agents of order~. now my question is what war i didnt think angels and demons were at war ? i thought it was a myth until i remembered what abbadon said in BOA ~ in order for the infernal to make a rise the kingdom of god must fall~. so if they are fighting or at war what is the cause ? what is the prize for the victor ?

The fun thing about BALG,is that we accept relativism in everything,and UPG is a thing.Unlike more or less every other spiritual institution,where it’s your way and it alone,and you’ll notice that even in the ranks of BALG,there isn’t complete harmony in their teachings.

For example,S Ben Qayin believes some people are born for the dark arts,and some are born for the light arts,and that you can mix any amount of LHP based magic so long as it stays in the LHP,and the same holds true for the RHP(which means that if I’m one of those white witches,I won’t care if I used Buddhism,Sufism,or whatever else)

Timothy Donaghue,on the other hand,believes that it is within the birthright of every individual,to embrace the Left Hand Path,because it is the only path that truly makes sense.S Ben recognizes the RHP as a valid path,but a path for those born for it.Timothy,on the other hand,does not.

And then there’s EA,who really doesn’t care about what magic is,and calls himself a black magician,simply because he uses a LHP-based philosophy in magic,and lets himself use every other kind he can get his hands on,and he respects any member of the RHP,just as much as most people would,as evidenced by his lecture at the Golden Dawn where he was super-friendly.

I’m sure that most everyone will have different gnosis on the true left hand path,precisely because there isn’t one true path to self-godhood,besides the one you carve out,for yourself.

To see more on S Ben Qayin’s view on things,read this:

He believes order and chaos to be in war,and that thus,the embodiements of the chaotic forces and orderly forces must be fighting too.

In my experiences,as well as the experiences of a huge amount of people on here,including EA and Lady Eva,demons and angels are not in some ultimate war over human souls,they are not trying to thwart each other and win your allegiance,and even more insanely,they will most certainly work well together on most goals.

A demon-angel combo is one of my favorites actually.Now,be warned,there are some angels and demons who REALLY DO hate each other,but will never bring you into the crossfire.A good example is Raphael and Azazel.The archangel Raphael is supposedly the one who chained Azazel into his mountain and the two have a strong grudge,but if I work closely with Azazel,that doesn’t mean Raphael will hate me.He loves me,in fact,and Azazel loves me too,and I work closely with both.But I also wouldn’t dare evoke them both in the same ritual,or for the same purpose.The same holds true for Belial and Michael,I think.

So is there a war between demons and angels?In my experience,there isn’t.There is no prize,there is no battle,and there is no magician to pick sides.THey will both readily work with you,albeit with some differences,of course.

As for Abbadon’s line ‘‘Before the Infernal Empire may rise,the Kingdom of God must fall’’ was given to EA as ritual instructions.

This ritual,was meant to call on the Lake of Fire,a transformative ritual that would harness the most powerful thing demons have to bless us with.That line,simply means that they won’t let any angels interfere,not because they hate angels,but simply because they need pitch black darkness to do their thing,and will not tolerate light piercing it.

So the angels are banished by having their seals broken.Simple.It’s not so much an attempt on the behalf of demons to overthrow angels,or get us to work with them over them,but it’s simply an attempt to banish all the light from the ritual,in order to fully undergo the transformation that can only take place in pure darkness.

you make me jealous everytime you speak you know to much :slight_smile: but im glad you gave me that insight i was confused by abbadons line alot but it makes sense.And one more thing do you know any excersises to seep into the tgs easier for some reason i dont think i do it right like i have never reached the cross roads.

Daily meditation.

I have some UPG on this as well, sharing fwiw - the translation of the Universal Circle is:

"Give an offering to His house, to devour,
Which the eye, the house, is with Sammael.
700 years to bind the name of God in chains."

It’s my current understanding that the desert entity that wished to becomne the ONLY god given offerings, which began as “the aten” and then moved through to Israel, Christianity and Islam, pulled a fast one by convincing people that syllables of power were its own name - I posted some rather rambling stuff about this here.

First, it attempted to seize the words of power (mostly the Israeli phase); secondly, it tried to seize love, the Xian phase, right now it’s trying to steal free will (Islam means submission) and also stirring its followers to abandon critical thought, media, social progress, etc., as we saw vividly with the Taliban.

The “names of god” that need to be bound are connected to this concept.

It was an attempt at a power-grab, which failed, and the UC script and various other things I’ve seen and been told, some of which it’s kind of impossible for me to describe right now, back this up - but y’know, this is only my experience and I’m not trying to sell anyone on my theory being correct, I’m actually more putting it out there in case it happens in someone else’s life and might therefore help them make sense of it, or maybe (even better) they can add something to help me wrap my head round it more accurately. :slight_smile:

It’s my understanding that the name of God needs to be bound anyway, but that it’s not about a war so much as placing a firewall round your own creation/manifested reality. to keep that theiving little shit’s grubby troll hands OFF your own godlike ability to manifest - and in reality, for most people the whole thing is less dramatic than running a firewall when you’re online.

To me this is all metaphoric. I don’t believe in some epic battle of spiritual warfare between agents of chaos and order because everything has it’s season and all eventually leads back to chaos. To many people spend their whole entire lives fighting an invisible foe and pointing the finger when they could just stop for one second and look at themselves in the mirror and see the finger pointing back at them.

Also it takes a person speaking from a position of order to draw the line between order and chaos. A true Agent of Chaos doesn’t give a fuck about these things. Chaos doesn’t discriminate, Ego/Order does.

William G Gray made an interesting comment about this in his book Magical Ritual Methods;

“The real Companions of Chaos are utterly devoid of anything we would recognize as any kind of feeling. They are not really enemies in that sense at all, but Eliminators. Since to them Cosmos and its products, such as the human race, is incompatible, Cosmos must either cease or be converted to Chaos. There is no question of enmity against humanity by the Companions of Chaos. They are completely disinterested in us as entities either individually or collectively. Whether or not we exist makes no difference to them whatever as an actuality. It is the Cosmic Pattern of Life itself they mean to break, and if humans associate with it, then those humans must be disassociated into Chaos.”