Age of humanity

So for some reason this topic was on my mind when u woke up around 1 am and couldn’t fall back to sleep. Weird right ?lol.

Anyways I am curious to see what any of the entitys you work with have to say on the age of humanity and how many generations we are out from the first humans.

I know the book of enoch or the Bible gives a timeline of how many generations out mankind was to a certain point but in those records people lived for hundreds of years if they are correct.

I came across this in my search

that says scientifically we are about 300 generations out at this point or about 6000 years old. Much younger than what mainstream science would say and that the data from mitochondria mutations don’t lie and that other scientists try to dismiss the data because they refuse to believe this since it would change what weve been told for so long.

So if anyone would have a legit understandj g of this it would be the Divine entitys that all you good people work with regularly

So ask and let me know what they say it am interested.

I still don’t have my two way communication down. So don’t say well why don’t you just ask.

Now I’m off to sleep.zzzzzzzzzzz😑


You do know that the spirits will cater to whatever biases the summoner has, right?

If you really believe humanity is a mere 6000 years old, like the creationists claim, then that is what they will tell you, just like if you believe the spirits are bound by the power of Yahweh, that’s how they will respond.

The “science” of that page you linked is quite flawed. We have plenty of archaeological evidence proving the contrary of what that page claims.

I do like how they say that “biologists try to explain away the data,” though, as if they know more than the people who study biology and who actually understand it.

Claims like this are nothing new, and never stand up to actual scientific scrutiny. That’s the thing with science. One study doesn’t cut it. The result must be replicated, and the same conclusion must be made. If another, valid, conclusion can be made, then the original conclusion is flawed. The basics of the scientific method, is to try to prove the opposite of what you claim, what is known as the null hypothesis. You don’t set out to prove that human DNA is only 6000 years old, you design your experiment to show the opposite.

However, people will believe what they want to. Look at all the anti-vaxxers who believe one flawed study, even though that one study was proven to literally be made up by its author to prove his own biases, and cannot be replicated by others, which is the exact opposite to real science.

The creationists go through considerable mental gymnastics to explain away everything that contradicts their religious belief that the earth is only 6000 years old, and that God created humans fully formed as we are now. Hell, they even built a multi million dollar “museum” that proclaims humans and dinosaurs lived together at the same time, 'cause they cannot explain away dinosaur fossils (they also cannot explain why no human fossils have ever been found with dinosaur tooth marks on them, since logic dictates that dinosaurs would eat humans if we were around back then).

I’m pretty sure if anyone bothers to ask, the spirits will all have different things to say based on whatever the magician believes. In my experience, the spirits tend to confirm whatever biases are held by the magician (which is a good argument for the psychological model of magick).


Yeah, maybe they like to confirm our biases because they figure we cant’ really handle “reality” because it is too complex and would overwhelm us, kind of like if you were to explain multi-variable calculus to a small child.


Is there a reason for them doing that?


Yes. All perceived information is filtered through the human mind, and thus is coloured by the beliefs and assumptions held in that mind.

It happens with other people too, not just spirits. Every person has had moments in their life where their brain literally filtered out any input that contradicted what they already believed. It’s a known psychological quirk. It’s why twelve people can witness the same car accident, and give twelve contradictory reports about what happened.


I interpreted that completely wrong. I took it as the spirits accomadating your views, and not the mage filtering information through their own lens. And if so, I was wondering why. @DarkestKnight

Is it that it’s harder to communicate when there’s conflicting paradigms between summoner and spirit?


I really don’t know.

As far as human perception is concerned, nothing can truly be said to be outside of our minds. Talking to you is a good example. As far as my mind is concerned, I believe you exist because I am perceiving you as separate from me, if only through text online. However, cut off my internet access, and you, for all intents and purposes, cease to exist for me. You are no longer within my universe.

If all is Mind, as the Kybalion teaches, then conscious perception is required to experience any thing at all, but that conscious perception is automatically coloured by the lens of beliefs and ideas held within the consciousness doing the perceiving.

So far in my adventures in the occult, I have not experienced anything that couldn’t be explained by the purely psychological model. It accounts a lot for the disparate beliefs that abound with the occult as a whole, and I have found that very little information I have received ever contradicts what I myself believe.

I don’t believe in the nonsense spouted by people like Zecharia Sitchin and his followers about how the Sumerian mythology is actually about extraterrestrials, for example, and so I never receive any information about Nephilim or “reptilians,” or any of that stuff, even if I bother to ask. As they say in religious circles, believing is seeing.

People on this forum claim to be a lot of things, and while that might be their subjective reality, it certainly is not their objective reality. It you performed a DNA test on one of the people claiming to be a demon or a reptilian, for example, I’d wager the result will show nothing but standard human DNA.

We have people coming here all the time, wearing their biases on their sleeve, like the one who asked how they could become a Nephilim or the one who wanted to be a vampire. They already hold this idea in their mind that they can be this mythical being, and so they disregard anything that says otherwise, even to the point of ignoring physical evidence to the contrary.

Just by writing this, I am showing my biases. I do not see the web page cited by the OP as valid. I have a pretty good grasp on scientific basics, and I know a single study means nothing. The power of science lies in the replication of results by others, and until that happens, this idea about the human race being only 6000 years old, is just one among many fringe ideas various people have tried to use science to prove (some formerly fringe ideas have actually been proven; however, most have not).

If I was to ask the demon I am evoking tonight the question about how old humanity is, I’m pretty sure I already know the answer I will receive.


Evolution is ever lasting which is a proven fact, that had transformed over millions of years. The real beginings of what has become modern mankind started with Neanderthal man some 30 thousand years ago.

Although many factors are debatable of the brginings of modern mankind it certainly did not start 6000 years ago or the begining of the Roman Empire but with the ancient history of evolution.

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I doubt there ever was a beginning, that we have been here eternally. As far as humanity started, who knows? But in my personal experience I do not believe in a beginning and that we and the universe are constant, never having a beginning and no end.

Do you need to ask a divine entity to know that you shouldn’t accept an article from June 1998 by unknown, and published online somewhere, as a serious scientific evidence of anything ?!

If you wish to ask a spirit, you can use pendulum or Ouija board or a spirit box… there are many ways to communicate with spirits, choose the one that works for you and use it.


Your post gave me an orgasm.


There’s really no need for that sort of language, is there?



I make passing reference to Sumerian history and myth, together with the work of Zecharia Sitchin.


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Yea I didnt know about the whole spirits confirm person biases or I obviously wouldn’t have posted the question to begin with. I don’t believe that humans are only 6000 years old I was just saying that is one thing I saw. I was more curious about how many years or generations we are out from the so called adam and Eve beginning. But if spirits only confirm what you already think to be true then that gives ground to the argument some make saying that Spirits are only a manifestation of your unconscious mind. I don’t believe that but just saying


I don’t know that as fact. I only know that when I ask questions, the answers I receive tend to conform to what I already believe is true.

The real truth of the matter is, no matter what the spirits say, there is no way to prove it one way or the other so it really does just come down to what one wants to believe.


Hey it was 1am asshole. I woke up in the middle of the night! And I didn’t say I believed it!! Just relayed what I saw.

That may have been the theory at the time, but modern paleoanthropologists agree that Neanderthals are not the primary ancestor of homo sapiens (us). Though, homo sapiens did breed with Neanderthals, those who have strong hints of Neanderthal DNA are the exception, not the rule. For example, scientists had uncoded Ozzy Osborne’s DNA and found that he had an enormously large amount of Neanderthal genes, and theorize that it’s why he’s still alive and kicking, despite his tragic amount of drug abuse.

But we are descended from homo erectus.

What about the big bang theory (better called the “everywhere stretch”)? Or the fact that the universe is expanding? Or are you going off the idea taught by Gautama Buddha that our universe exists in an cyclic cycle of expansion and collapse?


What about it? As you stated, it is a theory.
The Universe is expanding. Did someone teach you this or do you have your own solid evidence? What is the evidence that this is a fact? Not arguing by the way, just questioning.
And no, I am not a Buddhist nor do I believe our universe it is expanding and collapsing.

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So, in science a theory is just the best idea that scientists have that fit all the data. If there is some data that the theory doesn’t fit, then a new theory is made. For example, Einstein’s theory of General Relativity, replaced the current theory of Newtonian Physics. While Newtonian Physics aren’t wrong when your not traveling close to the speed of light, they break down the faster you travel. Likewise, The Big Bang theory is the best idea that makes sense of all of the facts that we know about the origin of the universe.

One of the parts of Einstein’s theory of General Relativity was that the universe must either be in a state of expansion or contraction (hey, someone else said something similar :wink:). In 1929, Astronomer Edwin Hubble proposed an experiment, while initially, Hubble expected an equal amount of galaxies moving toward us and galaxies moving away from us, however, he found that all of the galaxies are moving away from us. And many scientists since which much better technology have confirmed his reports, with the exception of a few close galaxies that are likely attracted by our gravity, every other galaxy is moving away, and the farther away a galaxy is the faster it is moving away from us. This is how we know that the universe is expanding.

Well, cool then.

However, I am not trying to force anyone here to agree or disagree. I personally have yet to find anything substantial to prove any different than the fact that we are here, we have no ability to go back into time physically, and we have limited technology to actually prove pretty much anything about the Universe short of an arm’s length above the height of a weather balloon.

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