Agares ~

The workshop is working with Agares now.

I evoked him.

He appears in my woods.

He walks to me… I was waiting for your call princess.
How are you? Something troubles you?

It’s fine.

If you say so.

What is it you wish to know , daughter of the stars?
Ah, you want to know about the languages you feel familiar too.
You shall find your answers when you return to the pyramid.
You have much work to do there.
Look at the book again for answers.

Remember your key.

Also, …remember who you are. The seeds of yesterday grow the flowers of today.

A rose blooms at its right time.

The clock is set … princess
The race is on.

Follow the instructions of the 9 kings…
Pull your house together …

Stand firm …the ground will quake
When the Princess does wake.

And fires and water and earth and air shall not stand between her and her course.

Keep up the work.
We are here for you. Always.

Then he dissappeared into the trees and a mist.

His appearance was that of a gentleman …

He looked much like this


The time is right then.

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The timing on this.

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Why do you say that? :slight_smile:

May I pm you?

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Sure :cherry_blossom: