Agares - thank you (yet again) and question to others working with him

Agares continues to respond to my requests quickly and powerfully. I cannot thank and praise him enough for his assistance.

I know that some of you work with demons as patrons or mentors (whatever term you prefer) and I’m wondering if any of you work with Agares and if so, what do you offer him as a gift?



Never worked with him directly. What’s he like? His personality, aura and other features?

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Incense of varying kinds

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That’s what I’ve been doing so I will continue!

Although I tried to evoke him, he has never shown himself to me or communicated in any way other than changing the atmosphere in the room. I feel cold and clammy when I call his En and gaze on his sigil. I light sandalwood incense and burn candles while I read him my petition and then burn it.

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Cold and clammy… Kind of like swamp? Humid?

I suppose so but the only swamp I’ve been in was hot and humid…hmm. It’s a cold sweat almost to the point of shivers.

FYI, I don’t do magical circles etc. I initially used the ritual from Demons of Magick but decided to skip the angel protection and make direct contact. That really seems to work better. I do give license to depart at the end though many folks I know do not.


Oh… That’s rather interesting!

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I was looking for a thread on Agares as Belial recently told me to call upon him.

I did and found him to be incredibly helpful and I expect my work with him to be ongoing.

There do not seem to be many working with him and it’s a shame as he is so good at what he does.

I offered him Carnations and red wine and chocolate as that is the impression I got he wanted and it seemed to go down well.