Agares contact

Does anyone know what times are acceptable make to appointments with this one?

Also don’t forget the GMT!
Cheers in advance.

He’s a “day demon” so normally any time that has daylight. Though that’s not important, they will come day or night.
But he’s the only one that I always have issues to summon, so I’d like to see if anyone has a better answer.


He?! I fought it was a she with ash blond hair?… well don’t tell the one in my dreams that… that being said I doubt they care about genders… either way thx for a response! XD

Also it seems like she has a female assistant with black hair… so maybe she’s found a work around to that?

As you said, Spirits can come as both. If you saw Agares as a “she” then it’s a “she” for you. I’ve seen some “male” spirits as females too.

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A demon can show up to you anyway they feel you would be comfortable with, so their gender doesn’t matter when it’s during evocation. As for the day and night thing, it only matters if you’re following the specific system that requires you to do such, otherwise anytime day or night.

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When making a appointment how soon do people usual make it? I.e. should I make it a week in advance or 72 hours?

Although he’s listed as a day demon, I always evoke Agares at night. I worked extensively with him and he’s awesome. It doesn’t really matter actually