Agares called me?

Yesterday I read e few books on demons and working with demons: Demons of Wrath being one of them. I have 2 people at work that I want to destroy and have done a few things already but have been looking for a more powerful working with demons. The first that came to mind was Glasya Labolas and then Andras. Have asked them both to destroy those people but just seeing them get sick or have an accident would not be enough for me for the complaint I have is very specific and related to work. One is an incompetent gossiping manager and another one is one of my colleagues who is a suck up to managers. Both of these idiots have turned my workplace into a toxic place and I want them both get sacked but not before seeing them punished and humiliated but in a work context.
So last night I went to sleep asking for guidance in my sleep about which demon I should work with, who is the most appropriate for the specific goal I have.
I woke up at 3.30 am with a name loudly spoken in my head : AGARES.
I found it weird as I never gave too much thought to Agares, it is not even on my list of useful demons I made for various goals I have. So, intrigues, I went on line and checked on his powers cause I was too lazy to get out of bed and look in my books lol. So one of the powers was ‘to make one that is in movement stand still’ and the website explained that that specific goal was connected to destroying someone’s career. I found this so amazing!!!
I think Agares called me to work with him!
What do you guys think and what experience have you had with this demon?? I was reading is a day demon.


King Belial told me to use Agares for my objective.

I wanted a group of people the target used as enablers to turn on them and to remove the targets esteems , reputation and dignities.

Agares worked over a 6 month period to reach the goal.

Agares is great at this. He is evoked during the day with Red candles and he likes red carnations and fizzy wine in my experience as an offering.


Speaking Agares name today and this landed on my blacony.
Also I have to thank him as my request started to get fulfilled!


Yes agares was calling you and he really wants to work with you on this case. The Magick or curse is much more effective when the entity really wants to do it.

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