Against extreme racists person?

Look something Against the extreme racist peoples… Any help will be thankfull

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You are funny, wanderingjew.

Jews believe in the kelipat nogah. That their soul is born higher or better than all other souls other than the few righteous among the nations who might share in the kelipat nogah, the highest of the three aspects of the nefesh which is one of the five souls. Sounds like racism, doesn’t it?

Well, it’s NOT.

It is referring to the millenia of indoctrination of the three virtues of a Jew, the primary or principle virtue is loving-kindness, followed by study and adherence to Torah and service to HaShem. Our souls, blood, dna have memory and these virtues are encoded in the nefesh.

What we as a society are calling racism is simply prejudice against an aspect of ourselves. It is our fear manifested. It is our ignorance on display. It is within our dna as evidenced in the prejudice of infants.

Do you really want to help the extreme racist? Be your Self. Nothing else.

Do you want to help yourself? Look within.

All change in ourselves and in society starts within ourselves. Changing our thoughts will change our feelings and change our environments.


About that particular belief (not pointing to anyone, just pointing to the ‘idea’ :wink:

What they would mean is that they believe that they are re-born like starseeds are?
With all respect, seeing how many beings there are in this cosmos, I believe this to be quite subjective as a belief, seeing what types of highly spiritually advanced beings that are here coming with often fully awakened spiritual abilities, like indigo, crystal children, other people that dabbled in magick before, having allied themselves with others. The gods are also generally reincarnated. My higher self’s aspects are Hermes Trismegustus - and Toth as one, though 2 expressions of raphael, which I am too on a higher vibrational level too (we all have an angelic part to us. I know some greek goddesses personally as well- who are that as a higher aspect of themselves, some people that have incarnated as avatars, personal friends and also in hindu lore that came here extremely advanced and see them more active for the greater good. Not to say there aren’t any jews working for the greater good - I wish though that there were more jews sharing kabbalah with all (there are, and I am glad they are there too) :slight_smile: the world needs more magick… :slight_smile:

All that being said, we all equally have archetypes of ourselves on absolutely all planes of reality, angelic, christic/avatar, elf, dark elf, 5D, , and so on…; all that can be combined with the use of the physical vessel here and now. It’s just what you choose to implement…


Do you mean people that need to be updated when it comes to their perspectives of prejudice towards, let’s say jews I assume- people that generalize things?

Can you please explain more about the situation if you please?
And do you feel it can be solved by properly informing people so they have a fresh look at let’s say jews or at least some jews, or you personally?

(Generally when I observe racist comments on let’s say youtube videos, I personally ultimately, also from a universal perspective tend to point out to the equality of people, and that generalization of a race is always complete and utterly leading to inaccuracy in real life facts).

It’s a good thing to point out how you are different to make a point.
Ultimately the only thing that will be left standing in any argument are universal values, for this is the cosmos, and a racist attitude will not stand for long, as it is not part of the soul,
those that choose to stand for that will never find any peace, for it partially blocks the access to the heart as long as one holds that belief.

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@Geralt_Of_Rivia would you do me the honor of first stating what you mean by extreme racists? It may seen self-evident to you but the definition-label of both ‘extreme’ and ‘racist’ has expanded so much over the last few years it now could quite literally mean anyone, so i’d like a little more clarification on your precise definitions thanks.

Second, what exactly are you asking for? Are you in immediate danger and need some kind of defensive magick? Being mildly harassed or annoyed and what it to stop? Wanting to make the world one big happy family were everyone dances in a circle with flowers in their hair? Or are you looking more along the lines of the final solution to the racist question?


First of all Wanderingjew is a avatar name, you can Google the word, and 2 i was born in a muslim country of Asia, in a catholic family but now my filosophy is in taoism, i was 15 almost when i came to europe now im 32, im not a white skin, im brown skin, and for me the skin color dosent matter i always see how the persons heart and good intention, yesterday i was angry cause i start working in new place and the incharge of that place used to explote persons (inmigrante) first he look the Color of skin, he use people then he start with extreme racist comenterys… Im half spanish with my legal documents and son of a spanish, but i dosent like people that They point of observing is only skin. Ive talk with police to put a demand, i thought Also to take some gasoline and The work he take from me o use me and put fire, o use some strong mágick to punish him, when i grew up in a muslim country where the majority was muslims and They see Cristians with indiference, right now got friends,from México,argentina,U.S.A, Marruecos, afro americans, african, got fríends from Many nacionality and religon, cause i never seen them with the eyes of religon and the color of skin, in spain when i come Asia to europe i face Also indiference, face a whole life with this type if matters, It will be fine that at once people live all there indiference and dance in a circle with Flowers in there ears, but i now that Its not going to happen, cause Its a mad world where we living in i now that life is hard and i cant put my self in the same level of that people cause then there is no difrence between us, but where i live right now is a small town of South of spain, i just live here like a year ago and the people used to see a color person with indiference and They judge them cause They have extreme racist Mentality that only acept the people of there town

And i think more like this

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Fair enough, so it’s a curse your after then, i recommend something like this.

Also you should consider invoking Samael the “Venom of God” to deliver it upon your intended victim as i believe he’s hovering around many on this forum for some reason ATM.



Thanks charles9 for help,and respect in your sincer questions

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Yeah this isn’t really a normal reaction, everyone has barriers and gets judged, setting fire to shit in a way that can endanger lives and cause financial loss isn’t really going to prove him wrong.

People around the world fear “outsiders” because those people will put their own agenda ahead of the the best interests of community they have joined, and cause damage in so doing. They are predators coming to the “pack” to remove its assets and burn the bitch down because they have no lifelong investment in it. That’s exactly what you intend to do here.

But whatever.


The way I see it is like this…
Say there is a contest because in real life, competition.
The winner gets the prize. Now there are many factors involved. Now you have one man who has been training his mind and body extensively and working hard to prepare for the race.
Then another man who simply shows up to the contest and demands that because he is fat and, Equity. He should be able to have his fat ass taken to the finish line in the back of a pickup truck so he can share in the prize by getting there at the same time as the guy who trained and worked hard.
Because equality of opportunity is not the same as equality of outcome. Of course the fat bastard has equal right to compete but he does not have equal rights to outcome.
There is a huge difference between getting someone a bigger box to stand on to see a baseball game (which obviously mind of those three people paid to see otherwise they would all have seats in the stadium and could see just fine…thats a cute little propaganda subconscious manipulation by the way)
And the difference between a doctor who had to study hard to get good grades so he could be a proper doctor and actually heal people with complicated medical problems Vs a guy who has all standards lowered due to Equity and ends up accidentally killing someone because he was unqualified by the normal standard of education that everyone else has to comply with.


But Also say to put a demand on police and thought Its only a think Also Its a place in middle of no where, no body live there no house around, (im angry but not a pshyco) si They can do what ever They want and we have to sit and watch the show? Like i said im half spanish and no more outsider, im giving talk to childs at school Against bullying and im with ONGs helping and doing more for Comunity then treating people with racism, i now if i do something i will be in the same level of that person i now that but Also now that some time is better eye for eye an teath for teath then put another chick

IN some point im agree like the lazy one who cant stan up to get a Glass of water by his self and the one who has worked whole day have to come and give him the Glass of water i realy mean about a persona thats realy need it o They Didnt have posibilites

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Doesn’t disprove my point though, also you have chosen a very… interesting screen name on here that denotes alienation, being shunned, and your posts on this thread are all about labelling people by their origin, religion, and skin colour, etc., so i find it hard to believe you don’t have an outsider attitude, that they may have picked up on.

“Treating people with racism”? So they’re sick, maybe mentally ill, in your view?

Again, you’re going into schools lecturing their kids in your own ethics backed up by NGO groups (ONG being Spanish for this), these are the acts of someone who has shown up feeling “other” and with a list of requirements the host community MUST accept and concede to.

I’m sorry but I just find the whole thing very strange, you’re talking about arson and curses against people (which is a de facto act of bullying aka enforcement from superior strength/ability to inflict damage, the “taking a gun to a knife fight” approach) and yet standing on moral highground, and aligning with unelected groups to indoctrinate their children. And you wonder why they don’t embrace you to their bosom.

“Racism” is the way all people have behaved around the world because lone male humans are common predators to established groups, and tribes traditonally compete for resources; in fact in most situations before mass transit, you could be the same ethnic group with shared ancestry, and if you were an outsider (come to show up, change the culture, and take things via force) you would be shunned.

If you simply wish to crush this community and intimidate them into accepting you and allowing you to do whatever, you may get better answers stating that, then using labelling with a quasi-moralistic slant that implies oppression and that whole “equality of outcome” thing. :+1:

And edit to add, if you simply want to be accepted, calling on the Spanish half of your ancestry may work better than curses in the long run, if you intend to stay in this community and want to be respected and liked?

Some ideas for starting that in this post: Power sensing topic.


i thought moralizing was against the rules in a working thread? Everybody seems to want to lecture the OP on his use of the word “racist”, but, as far as I can tell, all he asked for was information on curses. The why is not supposed to matter.

What he has posted is no different than the myriad of posts by right wingers wanting to curse liberals and anyone else that disagrees with their particular views. Hell, @AdamThoth did a thread bragging about cursing Hollywood because they wouldn’t accept him and another member wanted the community to help curse Kathy Griffin for doing what comedians have done since time immemorial and making fun of Trump by holding his severed head. I don’t see why the OP’s view of the people he wants to curse as “racist” has any bearing on his question. Is it because it’s such a loaded word these days?

@charles9 is the only one that provided the information OP requested after some clarification of the question.


The OP is this:

“Any help will be thankful.”

So having read the thread, I believe he may be co-creating the problem here and can assist himself by examining that, rather than simply lashing out with curses. The screenname chosen implies someone who is rejected from all communities; if he feels this way enough to bear it as part of his identity, helping fix that seems less “moralising” and more like pointing out ways to advance himself.

Nothing in the OP or topic title demand “Give me curses and only curses, and also, assist me with them” - which would indeed require no moralising on the use of curses, OP’s contribution to his own problems, etc.

Hence also my suggestion he calls on ancestors. :man_shrugging:

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Thank you, Lady Eva for explaining your post. I completely missed the part about suggesting calling on his ancestors.


I agree that some people genuinely need help. And it’s up to our better judgement and discretion as to who receives help. Now if I had a student that could not complete his assignments because his abusive parents are beating him of course he deserves a break. But the problem arises when we award such breaks to people based on an external body image or race because we assume that that race has it harder in some way regardless of circumstances. This is not only racist in nature but it is racist in a much more insidious way. It places into the mind of the person who accepts the lowered standards that they are fundamentally inadequate compared to the rest of society due to their race and therefore are incapable of achievement without lowers standards. They will forever be viewed by others and themselves as inadequate compared to everyone else who has to reach the set standard.


No problemo. :sunglasses:

If I asked for a money spell and people pointed out to me that I’ve often stated I’m crap at fast money-manifestation, and that my parents were adherents to the cult of hard work, that would not be moralising either, sometimes we don’t see our own role in our situations until pointed out, because our beliefs fly under the radar masked as reality, and an internet forum is often the closest we’ll get to a dispassionate outsider who points out the beam in our own eye. :wink:


For the record I wasn’t just rejected I was horribly insulted. Also I later admitted to seeing the error of my cursing ways. I gained great power but was being irresponsible with it. So you are correct at that time my behavior was very much similar in nature to the SJW. I was offended and so I lashed out in a way that was both childish and extreme.

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