Against accidental Hexe

I’ve recently been betrayed by a couple that I’ve known for several years. I am hurt and angry, but I am not angry enough to seek revenge of any kind. I’m keeping karmic backlash in mind. There will be a “friendly family gathering” soon and I’m leery of giving an unintentional evil eye or something negative. Is there a protection I can put upon myself to avoid hurting them in anyway? I can find myself easily emotionally driven, and I’ve found this effects my magic quickly and powerfully. Maybe the only answer is that I just shouldn’t attend? It may be better that I don’t see them. Any thoughts?


Do you have anything that is pure Iron? if you can find something small like a nail or something carry that with you when you go. Or don’t go lol

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I personally don’t follow karmic backlash for a few different reasons but I’ll answer from your perspective.

I mean if you’re truly worried about hurting them, then yes not attending would be a good answer.

Or you could do an anger release, which is basically imagining they’re there and yelling at them

Here’s what I suggest if you really want to go.

Get you a rock or river stone, or even a coin.

Before you go, let that emotion well up inside you. Let it collect right there in your chest, where you probably feel it the most.

And then when you exhale, push it out through your hands and into the object.

Keep going until you’ve gotten rid of all that emotion, until you’ve completely exhausted.

Then go bury the object and let the energy seep back into the earth.

It’ll help you get rid of that feeling and move on, if that’s what you want.

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This may sound weird but before you go to the gathering, you can lower the testosterone and energy level, specially by a longer session.

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Write a letter to them getting all your venom and hate on to paper imagine sending it but instead rip it up, I find that exercise gets rid of a shed load of emotional energy.