After the work is done

What do you do with your spells after they are done and the ritual is over. I’m talking about the candles, ash any written petitions/fetish items? Throw in the bin(trash)? bury it? Throw it in the trash at a crossroads? River? Is the crossroads just for voodoo?
I understand that banful work is left at the cemetery but what about other works.
I heard about running water being a gateway but I would like people’s input on this.
I’m gonna do this in the middle of the night because I love how it feels like I’m hiding a dead body or doing other sinister works.
All input apreaciated feel free to elaborate as much as you want.

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For me it depends on what kind ritual it was and, if and what elements were used ect.
For example if im using something that involves invoking fire ill let everything that can burn down to ash do so then scatter them on the wind and bury whatever is left.

From what i can tell it is all personal preference mostly. which every way FEELS more appropriate with a certain working is probably the best way for ya. there are exceptions of course such as works for bane or benefit. the remains for baneful rites can be buried at the targets work,dwelling ect. if your tryin to bring things into you life you can bury the remains of the rite in the yard. if its something your tryin to push away i find its usually better to take it away from where you live. there is a creek next to my apt so for the time being i toss the remains into it. kinda like disposing of said “body” lol

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Usually something from this list:

  • dispose of it in the element related to the spirit/working (Earth, Air, Fire, Water)

  • burn written spells, I keep them in a box and do a batch at once unless the nature of it makes me think it needs doing right away (special metal tongs and I do it outdoors)

  • rip up and bury some sigils, to return them to Earth

  • if I want to burn a sigil but not right away, I “disconnect” it (link below) and rip it into 4 pieces, like the equal-armed cross

  • candle drippings, unless I think they need to be burned, I wrap in clean kitchen paper or a clean sheet of printer paper and put them in the household trash, we have a compost heap and dog but I would avoid putting them near meat or fish scraps if anything with those is in the bin

  • other items, I bury either in our garden or if they;re not suitable for that, in the waste ground at the back of our house, or I bag them and drop them in a street bin, where their next destination will be a landfill (aka burial off my property)

  • I save things that could be borderline problematic in a sealed metal tin

  • finally, some things I hurl in the Thames, outside the central part mostly because there’s CCTV every damned where and it proobably breaks like a million byelaws, plus people might think they;re something really fucked up like weapons or whatever, I don’t even do this once a year, but occasionally things have had to go into the deep, like something associated with an old relationship or whatever. This is more about making a ritual for me, I guess, and I pay olf Father Thames with some flowers or wine.

I always “disconnect” anything that’s been linked to a spirit (like a sigil or whatever) using the method described here: