After invocation do you ask the demon to leave and clear the space?

After invocation or evocation do you ask the demon to leave and clear the space?
As E A mentioned a few times, that if the work has been done, you should not leave the demon in your everyday life, it could cause havoc in your life.
So what do we do? Do we just ask them to leave and do a banish or clearing ritual afterwards?

It depends, if you have a dedicated space for such workings, there’s really no NEED for cleansings or banishings, just comes down to individual tastes. However if you do your evocations in an area you and especially others frequently occupy during your day to day life, then its better to banish and occasionally cleanse the area.

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Yes after evocation i do ask demon to leave and do some banishing incantations.

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I don’t banish I just give license to depart by asking the demon to go in peace without causing any harm to anyone , then I open all doors and windows to change the energy of the house , it has worked so far


I did so when starting anew, for example switching to gods/angels and an according direction of spiritual growth, or changing “focus”.

Ask the demon himself if you should banish. Says always yes if there is any other presence in the room

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You don’t ask the demon to leave unless you are afraid of it. You say thank you and wish it to go in peace.