After invocating lucifer if i want to invocate azazel what time should i take to wait before i invoke azazel

I have done invocation with Lucifer but it’s seem to be very easy to me cos it doesn’t take time for the sigil to start disappear and appear but I believe that Lucifer is always around me and he can hear me very well and I hope my prayers are being answered .I need to call Azazel because I need knowledge and wisdom for my business and my daily life but I don’t know how long should I wait before I start invocating him after finishing with Lucifer . please share some knowledge guy’s.
Thanks :kissing_heart:

There’s no such thing. Anytime you feel like it’s the right time should be when you invoke Lord Azazel.

If you still not feel safe to do that, seek guidance with Lucifer.

I would just call him. Any time spent between interactions is for us, not them. It’s not uncommon to speak with several at once, either.