After evocation feelings

Is it normal for one to feel weird after an evocation? Tonight I preformed my second evocation and feel off. I’ll try to describe it the best I can. I feel really hyperactive in my mind, but also my head feels like there’s a bit of pressure on it sort of like a very mild headache. I also feel very tired but don’t think I’ll be able to sleep. Is this kind of thing normal?


That’s very normal. It happens to me too.


Yes, that is normal based on my experience. I believe it is a good thing.

There are many reasons for this feeling. An energy exchange usually takes place when you evoke a spirit. They take a bit of your energy and sometimes they share their energy with you as well. That surge of energy helps further open your own energy pools. Some people like to ground the energies out after evocation, if it becomes too much for them to handle. Me personally; however, I enjoy riding the energy and the feeling it gives me.


Oh the energy… it’s so pleasant… cherish it.


All those are very normal feelings after an evocation. The important thing is to do something to ground yourself after those kinds of rituals. EA suggests making and eating a sandwich, which I partly agree with, you will want a snack to recover. Personally I play some kind of game after an evocation (unless i plan on performing any dream magick)
preferable a game with pvp elements that way it takes your mind out of the ritual mind set into a more engaging tactical mind set. Reason i say that is, with watching tv the mind has a tendency to go blank. you don’t want that you want something that still makes your mind actively engage something.


Indeed. Same here.


Good to know I’m not alone having these sort of sensations after evocation.


Try Grouding More & Eating & Drinking Something After Too.


just did gaap evocation an hr ago. I feel similar . like headache but not. The method i did was ritual 3 from demons of magick. Didn’t really see or hear any demons or voices. So i guess i’m a newbie. haha.

My energy gets really high after evocation, that’s why I always do it day time and use that energy for the rest of the day ! If I do it at night then I can’t sleep