After consecration of Talisman

I have been reading Israel Regardie he suggested that after consecration the talisman should wrapped on linin or slik and in waller must be carried on at all places, however here few order great deals of book suggesting to keep the newly consecaryes talisman in a draw where of won’t disturbed and never think about it again.

What do u suggest? Keep on me or in the drawer away from me but in the house?

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this is simular to what I do - I use the light of Lucifer.

It all depends on the purpose of the talisman and the forces connected to it.

I made an earth Elemental Talisman to bring me money and finance stability.
I charged it using four elements ritual.

Does it stay in the house?
Or do I keep it in my wallet?
Does it have to be covered in linen all the time?


A financial talisman, I would carry with you.

No, the talisman is covered in linen only so that the energies aren’t accidentally removed or affected by outside forces (lunar talismans can’t be exposed to the sun for example) You remove it from the linen to carry it with you when you want to use it.


Do the method that belongs with the system you’re using, don’t try to mix and match until you have more experience.

I would also say carry it with you, especially something like this.