Affirmations durring sleep (rewire subconscious)

It is known that during sleep we are in a theta state and that our subconscious mind can take on new belief when we play subliminals or affirmations during sleep.
I’ve been doing it for 4 months and still nothing. I’ve tried subliminals in headphones and also affirmations from speaker by my bed.In hypnosis is easy to affect a reprogram subconscious because during hypnosis the SUBconscious is more open.I wonder where is the problem that there are still no results.What do you think?

No, sleep is the Delta state, a state of unconsciousness. Theta is the state in between waking and sleeping. However, unless you actively train yourself to extend Theta, you will normally slide right through it directly into Delta when you fall asleep, thus negating the effect of any subliminals or affirmations.

Access to the subconscious in Delta isn’t as easy as people seem to think mainly, in my opinion, because of the dream cycle of REM, which is where the subconscious plays out its fantasies and purges its stressors.

There was a guy, whose name escapes me at the moment, who coined the term NAPS, which stands for Nighttime Audio Programming System, and he spent years listening to affirmations while sleeping, and he used to have a forum where he discussed his experiments. After several years, he concluded that listening to affirmations while sleeping doesn’t produce dependable results, and is very hit and miss.

Learning proper self hypnosis will produce better results.

Note: You can learn to remain conscious in Delta, but it takes training.