Affirmations and luck

So, reading part 7 of Jojo got me thinking. In the Steel Ball Run (a cross-continental horse race), a contestant joins and they’re quite odd.

Many people in JoJo have interesting abilities, like stopping time or raising invisible zombies or making things rotate so hard they die, but his in named Hey Ya, and it’s ability is odd.

It’s kind of like a shoulder motivational “coach”. Pocoloco, the bearer of this ability, sort of battles with self worth and depression. But Hey Ya constantly convinces him fate is on his side, gives him motivational speeches about how lucky he is. He’s on his shoulder the whole race too!

The thing is, this works! It is evident that Hey Ya’s advice and cheering worked, because he constantly breaks out of bad situations in the run with sheer luck. He actually wins the race!

The thing is, Hey Ya doesn’t give you luck. It sort of convinces you that you have it. Kind of like affirmations or a life coach. It weirdly manifests!

This parallels to the real world, too. I sort of wanna try the same, because Pocoloco luck’s out at every turn and I think I could use that.

Have fun with this knowledge!

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I didn’t get to read part 7 but I heard of that stand!
It’s considered to be the weakest one, the only thing he does is cheer you all the time and makes you believe you will win.

Sometimes people need a little encouragement to achieve their dreams. You rarely get it from other people. So you could say that this stand brings out the best of you at all times


it’s certainly not the best stand by any means, but pocoloco never actually fought anything. I would also disagree that the only effect is that it will make you believe you will win, as pocoloco actually has a frick ton of luck in general.

I know it’s weird to revive the spread, but I wanted to make a quick post give you an update on how this worked

In short; perfectly.

At first I gave it a personality and a voice and all but I deemed that unnecessary later.I sort of gave myself an ability I could use on the fly much easier than just trying to manifest a will. I can push pure probability chances to my favor, and I use this frequently for video games and crap. I don’t plan on it making it something I use for sport or cash.

I feel it as a sort of spot of power above my shoulder, radiating energy with the intent to get my desired result. It’s very useful

I’d like to know how you came about creating this ability! Im a huge fan of Jojo’s and an even bigger fan of its power systems (my favorite being The Spin), and i’d like to know your process so i can go about recreating it to obtain the spin rather than a stand/stand ability.

I actually forgot but It still works, surprisingly, i just dont use it a lot. It’s actually the most effective thing I’ve ever made.


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It be like that sometimes, well based off of your knowledge how do you think i should begin the process of recreating the spin?

Already ahead of you chief, thanks for the heads up though

Say what you will about me making this, but on a forum where people seriously discuss marvel characters, making a stand isnt bad.

It’s just a concept for power

i have a feeling that would be as superhuman as telekinesis.


assuming we could even create infinite energy, which “Creating” is a bit of a stretch, or even harness it, with nothing more than geometry and channel it into an “infinitely” spinning object

I am not here to deny you of the possibilities of life, or geometry, but you’d better be a damn good mathematician/geometrist

I mean there is only one way to find out whether its possible or not, and im sure based off of the prominent growth within the mathematical community one could use the information from said community to figure something out (whether that something be infinite or not)

it’s possible, but maybe not by our specific solar system/structure. it is a mirror like this. infinite would be superfluous here

I’ll be sure to keep that in mind