Affection from the divine during sex?

Back when my relationship was at it’s peak, and we were crazy about eachother, I had an interesting experience while me and my boyfriend were having sex.

A brief run down, I lost my apartment and job which led to staying with my Catholic grandfather who has dementia and needed a caregiver. Before that I had some rituals to honor Azazel. I invoked him once and had some interesting encounters for a while. Once I moved to my grandfather’s house, out of respect, I decided to cut down on my practices to respect his house and the energies or spirits there.

So that night when I was having sex with the bf, we were at his house. As I climaxed I felt this intense love. I ended up murmuring Azazel’s name as I was feeling the orgasm and felt like this affection came from him through my bf.

I’m not sure how real or significant this may be but now I’m pregnant and that night crosses my mind a lot. Perhaps it’s just my over thinking but I don’t want to disrespect Azazel if this was just my imagination:(


That my friend is one hell of an offering.
Azazel loves this kinda stuff


I’ve had this kind of experience a spirit being there during sex with my husband. It feels like their positive love or lust feelings for me resonate and combine with my husbands feeling. I don’t think its a purposeful invasion. That’s not what it feels like. It feels like some spirits are just always with you even if you dont see them. And they can’t help but be attracted especially if they have similar feelings as your partner towards you.

I have always felt intense love from Azazel. Even in his lust there has always been affection. So your experience seems like it could be real to me. He is also really kinky so I doubt he would be offended by you calling out his name :wink:

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