Hey all,

I was just wondering if anyone else practices Aeromancy or any of its sub forms? If so, how accurate has it been? Any stories to share?


I dont practice it but my friend used to occasionally be able to stop the wind from blowing

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Intriguing. I was more meaning the divination of the air.

“Aeromancy uses cloud formations, wind currents and cosmological events such as comets to attempt to divine the future.[2]There are sub-types of this practice which are as follows: austromancy (wind divination), ceraunoscopy (observing thunder and lightning), chaomancy (aerial vision), meteormancy (meteors and shooting stars), and nephomancy (cloud divination).”

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I hace had some interesting moments with storms, lightning and clouds since I started dream symbolism to my waking life.

Swarms of birds to, 400-600 plus showing up in my area since i started with Az-jahi and the Druj nasu.

Wind tends to flip its shit during larger scale rituals. Which has been interesting. It’s gone from dead still to full blast in a few minutes then things will calm down 30 mins after im done.