Advise on how to approach Sachiel for help with a penis enlargement spell

So I found some spells online that are for increasing penis size. In a recent thread about this topic supplied the spells that so done was requesting someone else said that Jupiter would be helpful in this manner and to do the spell on a Tuesday so it’s 5am noon and 7pm for when the hour is Jupiter on Tuesday the hours lighn up with Sachiel and I was wondering if any body ould share knowledge of this Divine angel and if approaching him for help with these spells would be somthing he would be willing to do I think I he was him helping form a thought form used in programming quartz would be very benificial. Anyone have any knowledge if he would help in this way oR should I look for another to get help from. I haven’t really heard of Sachiel befor now so I feel bad that I would be calling upon him just for help but I should have time before I attempt the spell I want to finish some vibration meditation rituals for further developing my chakras.

Here’s the web page for the spells if anyone is interested.


I don’t think penis enlargement is that simple , if anything I’d suggest contacting a spirit of wealth who would then provide you with money to go through a surgical procedure for that

Yea I’m hoping it’s that simple lol I wouldn’t undergo surgery for that purpose but I definitely need to contact a wealth spirit I should start communicating with one soon so were allready friend when I finally get the little bit of money I have coming in and can try to open my own company. Thanx for your words I almost just messaged you this question because I know you have alot of angelic knowledge and would tell me if it was a good idea to even ask him for the help. Who knows I could always just get lucky and the angel does it for me bubi doubt that is so thing they would be if there gonna form flesh for so done a new kidney or eye would be a better use of there power.