Advise on curses - action needed when authority fails you

Very long and sick story super short: ex husband as a sicko who was awarded the money I’m supposed to get from filing disability (back pay how is that even legal?). Police told me to quit calling about his threats (he’s a cop Soo…) he already burned down a house to prove I couldn’t leave and be safe.
I want to he free. If I ruined his life he would come after me for the money even if I don’t have it, and as usual he would win. So I can’t do that.

If he one day … hypothetically… died I’d want it to be insurance cancelling and (don’t want his new wife making millions from him, it’s why she’s with him.) Hopefully, It would be embarrassing as hell. :joy::joy::joy:

Please throw out some ideas, I’m afraid more and more every day he’ll come for me. He’s already kidnapped my pets- 2 tiny dogs and the fluffiest cat ever, stalked me, watched my kids and threats to make us homeless. I’m open to Anything. And for the morbidly curious, we divorced because of abuse and his desire to be a polygamist. The punishment should fit the crime. Help me make him go away somehow.

I have managed to make his … Manhood… Uh …limp. I got the doctor bills somehow and I laughed for weeks. Score.

Thanks guys. Your the best.


I would go to King Belial. He really helped me with this kind of person and he hates corrupt law enforcement. Make a good relationship with him asap and he will really help I am sure

Andromalius for the theft of money and to unroot and punish evil deeds. He is wonderful and very fast Use his Sigil to also protect you and your home

Raum or Agares to remove his reputation and dignities


“Insurance cancelling death curse” ?! :thinking:

I think you need a lawyer to know what that is first, then use the info in magick. Just make sure the conversation is protected by client-attorney privilege!

Hope someone with legal background could help with some examples…


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Thank you, I was a little intimidated about the idea of working with Belial lol idk why. I’ll look into it. Good ideas! Ahhh new perspective!

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PrinceX lol insurance cancelling death curse! That’s awesome. That should be a thing!:joy: What if one lost their job which would cancel insurance… But then he’ll come for me. The guy broke until my tax account at a reputable company and sued me for the exact amount if my return and the judge waved it off. And ordered me to give it to him. A disabled single mom with 2 Autistic kids. During the same month their father was disowning one of them because he has a new family now. And, autism is hard. :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: Ass. The court system here is messed up. Ohhh what about a karma type curse??? But they always see themselves as the victim though… Thoughts? What I wouldn’t give for a few lucky lighting strikes…

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I felt the same before getting to know him. He is very helpful if you approach him in the right way and manner. PM me if you need some help with any of what I mentioned as it worked well for my situation and I adore Belial for it


It’s already a thing, I saved it with your thread and it’s going to my book of shadows, wired legal spells section, next to your “manhood issues” spell :grin:

Karma? Sound like a good idea. Turn all tables on his head. Payback for what he did and everything he does turns on him 10 times stronger. That would keep him busy for a long time and teach him a good lesson.

But keep a plan B in mind. Sometimes people like that get aggressive when they’re hurt. He wouldn’t know who’s hitting him so he’ll probably hit back everywhere and you may get something. I would save a quick death curse for this possibility… just in case. :metal:

You can always start with that but no idea about the insurance thing lol. Make it a specific death that would work with that, I think that’s the best idea I can come up with. Not sure which death would do it, so you may need to think about it and choose one.

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…please elaborate (if you want) on how you did this. I’m all ears :coffee:


Well, really all I did was take all that rage and pain and direct it at … The issue lol see, since he wanted many wives and picked a 20 year old with 5 kids it was a natural place to focus. It was just as I was coming out of my programming.
I grew up in an Evangelical cult and I’m still working that out! But I was never allowed to have “vengeful or unclean thoughts” so I kinda let them all go at once, on his… ability to continue that path :joy::joy::joy::joy: I did concentrate on it’s “a problem no doctor can fix!” I got bills for 6 months proving he’s tried everything. Apparently he doesn’t know how to change an address. Geez.
So as it was at the beginning of my eyes opening it’s not entirely clear to me but that’s basically what happened.
Sorry that took so long I had to work today. I work at a church if you can believe that!?!:joy::joy::joy::joy: But it’s a trade my kids need tuition so I’m more of an indentured servant. They always find a way to not pay me lol cuz… that’s …what Jesus would do! Apologies!


I second everything you just said, from personal experience. Belial, Andromalius, and Raum. The trifecta. They work quick, too. Oh, and Alloces, if you need some heavy binding.


Get a black penis shaped candle (they exist)
During a ritual, ‘baptise;’ it as linked to him with his photo and carve his name onto it.
Evoke a spirit who can get the job done (I know a few)
Stick black headed bobby pins in the candle flame and into commanding oil and graveyard dirt and each pin needs a name and command such as ‘flacid’ ‘useless’ ;impotent’ etc and personalise it.
Pour over some black arts oil whilst demanding it to what you like.

I just thought I would share as you asked :wink:


That’s awesome. I’m on it! You guys have some great ideas! Thank you so much!

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It sounds like you’re going to need to first disrupt his various interpersonal relationships, then weaken him before doing what you like after that. It seems like he has many allies who support him in his corrupt ways, as is unfortunately so often the case in such institutions. You will need to remove these allies. This is far easier than it may seem, as there are few things so fragile as a human relationship. Once he is isolated, the real damage may begin.

I would suggest the Master Curse from Magickal Attack by Gordon Winterfield. The book provides clear instructions on how to perform the rituals, and combines the effects of 4 demons, Shax, Sabnock, Raum, and Glasya Labolas, to remove your enemy’s ability to operate successfully in the world. The effects of the curse will be devastating, but if you want to take things further, there is certainly nothing stopping you from doing so. This curse will put him in a position where he is unable to fight back or resist.

First, there will be confusion. He will be dazed and stupefied, and will begin to plant the seeds of his own destruction. Then there will be infestation, and the hints of insanity. What was just a hazy cloud of misdirection gives way to hallucinations, exhaustion, and paranoia. Then, the loss of friends and loved ones. His relationships will already be strained by his madness; one more push will bring them to the brink. Finally, bloodshed, and the death of friendship. All who remain will abandon him, and his body will suffer disease and injury. He will be broken - mind, body, and soul.

What you choose to do next is up to you. There are powers of the Demons of Magick that could take things further still. You could compel him to pay you what he owes once you have brought him to his knees. You could strike out once more. Or you could leave him with the pathetic fate that you have deemed him worthy of, and wash your hands of this matter. Whatever you choose, I wish you Justice.


This is exactly what I need thank you! I had never heard of Magickal Attack by Gordon Winterfield. I’m looking it up now!