My name is Marshall. After reading about Koetting for several months, I find joy and a move to practice magick. I am a Christian but involved in metaphysical knowledge. I am desperately yearning for raw occult power. I don’t really know how to follow it step by step to see drastic result. I would love to follow the Koetting path which from what I have read in Becoming a living god, also deals with angelic powers. I don’t really have a firm root on magic but would love to start evoking spirits. I want my life to get better. Am tired of all this prayers without answer. I have also read about the universal circle. Can i use it as a beginner for evocation? Can anyone guide me on what to do please.

I dont know about the UC, never ever saw one myself. If you want to contact angels, try Rufus Opus’ Modern Angelic Grimoire, quite simple yet effective system.

You can also actually engage in folk Catholicism and get good results. Saints and angels are pretty open to doing work once you summon and feed them. You can actually summon them through straight prayer, try a series of our fathers, hail Mary’s, and glory be’s, then a prayer addressed to the spirit (many generic ones can be found on novena candles). Give offerings, and pray and do your spells. No circle, triangle, etc required. Just a clean altar and image of the saint.

You can absolutely use Koetting’s techniques to evoke and otherwise communicate with Angels. I’ve done it myself, all without purchasing the Universal Circle.

The important thing, IMO, is understanding that magic is an art, and requires skill to perform, not merely following a given procedure as if it were some kind of recipe. Consequently, allow yourself time to learn the skill.

The important things to start with, I think, would be learning to enter TGS and the Rapture consistently. Also, memorizing the Four Conjurations and becoming familiar with their use. Don’t be fooled by the “Demonic language” - I’ve used them to summon not only demons, but also angels, elementals and even Olympian gods. Also, practicing some form of energy work - Qabalistic Middle Pillar exercises, qigong, and Kundalini/laya yoga are the main systems I know of. Robert Bruce’s book Energy Work is also very good. Energy work seems to supercharge one’s magic, so it’s good to develop a practice as soon as is practical.

Sigil opening can do the job for you and it can also summon the entity.It’s fast and direct and it’s a good exercise for entering TGS.

Also if you want to get your feet wet with no risk,i can vote for The '‘New Avatar Power’'
It’s easy,it works,and you can build your psychic muscles with it.
In this system you invoke the angelic entities by words of power and godnames and command them to do your task.
No circles or tools.All you need is a clear goal,a light state of trance(the relaxation ritual in the book),and you’re ready to go.

Another challenge I have is that I am a university student. The room am staying is not very big. Does practicing evocation require a big space? If it requires a small amount of space I have it. Please anyone should contribute.

Enough space to have the spirit materialize, and to stand or sit comfortably. If you need to you can even go into a wash room in some public building. In the USA they usually have locks on the doors. Or maybe outside in a park, etc.

The only reason I can think of you’d need a big space is if the materialization is going to be very large, or the spirit requests it. Even so you could evoke the spirit into a black mirror or shew stone, or even a small sigil to communicate with, and that could cut down on the space.

I do most of mine in my bedroom when others are out of the house. Do what you need to do and work with what you have.

I just finished reading BLG eBook and works of darkness. Please Koetting recommended a triangle for spirit manifestation in works of darkness demonic evocation but never said such in BLG. He only mentioned the circle and sigil of the spirit to be invoked in BLG eBook. Is it safe to invoke angel Raphael using his sigil without the triangle as shown in BLG?

I’m quite sure that it is safe, you see… Such things as triangles and circles are only tools, but they do not protect you really in a way that you are thinking…

I can’t think of any situation where Raphael would put you in danger, ever, he’s just not that kind of angel.

I’ve evoked his energy into sick people and even (he gave consent first) into my dog - this is the method he gave me: Raphael Mantra.

He also told me to pass that along so that again adds to the belief he’s not one to expect a huge amount of ceremony nor likely to bite people on the ass if they evoke him the “wrong” way.

As for the others, you can scry into a wall, it takes a bit of practice but the time’s worth it because it’s completely versatile and means you’re not reliant on special tools.

[quote=“Amorifier, post:1, topic:4696”]My name is Marshall. After reading about Koetting for several months, I find joy and a move to practice magick. I am a Christian but involved in metaphysical knowledge. I am desperately yearning for raw occult power.

I don’t really know how to follow it step by step to see drastic result. I would love to follow the Koetting path which from what I have read in Becoming a living god, also deals with angelic powers.[/quote]

you’re talking about christian kabbalism. that is what it is called.

then you are going to need practical training. get some training instead of dicking around on magickal forums and wasting your time.

so god doesn’t get the job done and you want the demons to kick in some power? ok gotcha. at least you are being honest about it.

frankly, you don’t need it.

here you go.

learn western philosophy. magick has nothing to do with religion, it comes from philosophy and a lot of that philosophy is from plato and the neoplatonists.

learn western astrology. astrology is practical cosmology, and all supernatural systems have a cosmology which is the order of things. all of the judeochristian spirit names are jewish names for astrological objects. the magick circle is an astrological chart/geometric circle you draw on the ground according to principles. the analogies and metaphors behind the celestial objects are used to do sympathetic magick.

study the geocentric model. the geocentric model is astrology redux. EVERYTHING in western occultism is built on it. in it are the veils of the polestars and their constellations, lunar mansions in constellations, spheres and shells of planets, and the earth which divides into elements. that is the cosmology of kabbalism in a nutshell with all of the longwinded bullshit taken out.

foundational application
change your diet get a nutritionist to put you on a healthy diet if you can afford one, and begin to eat properly. the food you eat vibrates to frequencies that either help or hinder your ability to go into trance for doing magick. that is why many grammars ask you to fast before doing long rituals. if you eat properly, you can cut down on the need to fast often in order to get your trances working better.

learn to breathe properly and take up regular exercise. in order to do magick effectively, you need to do breathwork to raise energy, and an exercise to direct your energy. sitting meditations (eg: kuji-in or indian yoga asanas) build your energy by regulating your breathing through body locks such as your pelvic floor, diaphragm, and throat. moving meditations (eg: qigong, taijiquan, or the kata in kung fu or karate) raise energy using breathing exercises such as pranayama or the buteyko method and postures designed to point and direct your energy in certain directions. this energy in magick is known as qi, prana, or ashe and raising it is very important in doing magick ritual. you will also want to learn how to ground and center this energy, which again will be very important later on.

study hypnotism and autosuggestion. in magick you’ll hear a lot about meditation. meditation is hypnotic trancework. the two most important foundations for magick are strong breathing and a focused mind. there are plenty of kindle books you can get that teach you all the autosuggestion you will ever want to learn, and if you do a search on here, you can find an autogenic training protocol i typed out that is great for doing trancework.

magickal application
set up two altars. one to your ancestors, and one to build a relationship to a tutelary spirit or a spirit pantheon. an altar is a spiritual desk or table. you use it to contact different beings. a good magickal tutor will explain how to work with these altars later as you progress.

offer gifts. develop a habit of giving regular gifts to your ancestors and spirits. when it’s time for you to ask for something, things will go your way much more often and much faster. burning incense and oleums are pretty much general for gift-giving but there are other gifts you will be guided to offer: sometimes food, sometimes sacrifices of time and energy, and sometimes other things.

buy a magickal training course from experienced magickal practitioners who know what they are talking about. spirit conjuration and natural magick are the two types of magick you want to focus on. erik breaks spirit communication down into divination, evocation, and soul travel, and that’s pretty much all there is to it. natural magick is sympathetic magick where you connect the cosmology of astrology to natural objects by correspondence and doing sorcery work with them.

on the message boards you will find the blind leading the blind. everybody online is an expert and everybody knows everything except you. have you noticed? but in real life, things are a little bit different. therefore, i recommend you go learn sorcery with jason miller and natural magick with cat yronwode. both jason and cat work magick that won’t interfere with your race or your religion, which is not typical of western magick - western magicians tend to be either openly or secretly racist and generally have no respect for atr (voodoo, ifa/santeria, palo, myalism, revival zion/pocomania, shango, or umbanda/quimbanda). email jason at [email protected] and put STRATEGIC SORCERY COURSE as the subject line for his course, which is $150 for a full year’s training. jason’s site is here and his blog is here. cat’s training is also for a year and it will cost you $104 if you sign up here. to find out how to pay cat, read ‘payment methods for the correspondence course’ on the link i gave you. by the end of the year you will be well-trained.

skip the magick books in general. they are long-winded, will take up a lot of your time, confuse you, and more of them than you would think are either incomplete or outdated. the books are generally full of details but don’t explain the principles so you learn a bunch of advanced things but don’t know the basics, which is how you become an educated fool. don’t ask me how i know that (hint: notice my name). better for you to learn the basic principles of magick first and then learn the complicated details later on, it saves you time and you get more done.

now, if you are like most magicians and you feel the need to bore yourself to tears by learning from a book, there are a grand total of TWO magickal grammars i would recommend for you as a beginner. the first one is basics of metaphysical empowerment by brother moloch. the second one is enochian vision magick by lon milo duquette. either of these grammars will cost you around $21 and they are both complete magickal books, meaning you can still do good work even if you never read anything else, in fact you will be better off if you DON’T read anything else. brother moloch teaches you the magickal exercises you need to know. lon teaches you how to set up the three enochian altars (they use three) and do the rituals for magick and astral projection. if you have no choice but to learn magick out of a book, i recommend those two. there are plenty of other books that are good to look at once in a while, but to actually do beginner work without confusing yourself or getting yourself into trouble, i only recommend those two. you will not need to ask anyone any questions, everything you need to know is in both of those books. they are quick reads, simply written, and complete, which is a lot harder to do than you think, especially for magick which is complicated by its own nature. if you have to learn from a book, buy ONE of the abovementioned and stop there until you figure out how to do the work.

i have no affiliation with jason, cat, or lon. i do know a little bit. i get no kickback for recommending these people and in fact at least one of them will want nothing to do with me or balg. i am just telling you this because these are the people who get the job done and if you want to do magic, you will need discernment to skip the time-wasters and go straight to the people who will get you going without giving you attitude and who are both well-meaning, and affordable. once you find the first good magician, you’ll find all the rest because they all congregate together and know each other. but you have to know one good one to find all of the good ones, and i just gave you four.

notice i am putting prices. i’m telling you upfront, magick is not free. you have to pay for it. kick up the money however you can and go buy it when you can afford it.

and finally…

do a possessin rite and a pilgrimage. if you really want to get your magicks cranking, eventually you will have to do some type of possession rite and pilgrimage.

the knowledge and conversation of the holy guardian angel is a western possession rite. athena explained her abramelin operation experiences here so you can compare abramelin to the baptism of the holy spirit. the difference between being possessed by shekinah (the holy spirit) or being posessed by your holy guardian angel is that the hga has its own name, and you use your astrological birth chart to find it. their name is used only by you and is kept a secret.

the pilgrimage is where you test your skill and find out what you really are capable of using your magick. castaneda’s vision quest or liber kkk are different versions of the pilgrimage, as are the children’s stories alice in wonderland/through the looking glass, or 1001 arabian nights.

that’s all i can think of for now and i have to leave it up to others on here to elaborate or give you other advice, even if they only tell you to take nobody’s advice and figure it out on your own.

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Although I don’t agree that message boards are useless, it is a fact that if you want to do magick you need to do some form of training that isn’t chatting to people on here, you need to find someone who’s set themselves up as a teacher, whose stuff works and appeals to you, and find the money to train with them.

I’ve done it, I think almost everyone on here who’s serious about magick has done the same.

Actually, typing this, I’m reminded of Josephine McCarthy’s new school Quareia, and that’s free - although only the level of Initiate seems to be up, and she is asking for donations to support the rest. Initiate should be helpful for you right now though.

She’s well respected, and works to the lighter side of magick so there’s nothing in her work that would conflict with you working with angels:

Magick is different to religion in that you have to learn skills, whereas with religion, faith and love can be enough, being in the community of people with the same beliefs and nourishing yourself within that community.

With magick, at some point you need to get your head into a book (or online course or whatever) and it’s just you and your willpower, and ability to focus and see it through, that counts.

There only seems to be module1 of the apprentice set available right now, but it’s enough to spend someti eon and it looks good for new and experienced alike (even a master needs to revisit the basics regularly).

Actually 8 of the Apprentice modules are available to download if you hover over the Apprentice tab. Probably material that I won’t follow but I had recently downloaded them to see what they cover.

I just read her blog and she is considering as a lesson asking that apprentices apply some effort individually that will collectively work against some of the corruption and fundamentalism causing problems in the world.

There is a single module available consisting of those lesso s, but it is still only 1 module

Actually there are 8 modules available each with 8 lessons for a total of 64 lessons so far. Module 8 is Inner Temples, if you’re having trouble finding it

It ws updated since i checked then, there was no dropdown from apprentice leading to the other modules. Nice to see it’expanding fast

Hi Marshall!

I too am from a Christian background; born again, baptized, attended church regularly, communion etc… but for me it was all powerless. Why pray to a God that doesn’t answer and doesn’t seem to care when you’re in the darkest depths of despair.

I read a book about a Satanist who “repented” and in his book he revealed that “Satan” gave him all sorts of powers of divination, evocation and astral projection. The power and clarity of the occult drew me to this path. I’m new to all of this but as someone from a similar background I would like to give you my encouragement and support :slight_smile:

Although you only want to call angels you can still use most of E.A. Koettings’ coursework. Whether its angels, demons or other spirits the means to summon them remain the same. Follow his successful model of evocation and see where it takes you.

Here is a link to an introduction video on the topic of evocation:

Go on Youtube and subscribe to E.A. Koetting’s channel; have a look at all his videos and materials (news letters, podcasts, etc…) on his website Become a Living God as well.

If you can get any copy of his books then have look at Evoking Eternity and Kingdom of Flame.

You don’t have to buy the universal circle. You can cast your own circle with rocks, cords etc…

You will have to practice the principles you learn. There is no way you will be able to evoke a spirit on command without the proper training. It is hard work.

If you’re stuck on anything ask the friendly people of this Forum and they will be more than willing to help you. (It has been my experience anyways)

Good luck with your pursuits and I wish you well :slight_smile:

Hello I need some suggestion. I want an occult order that can give me power to use and work rituals for people. I want to use it to see people’s problem and solve them. I reside in Nigeria.