For the past year I have been being pulled to Enki/Lucifer .I have done all my ground work but Im still unsure if they are the same or seperate and feel I am not yet confident or advanced enough to start rituals or such like … I would like to ask if any of you already in contact could ask if they have any message for me as to how I should move forward or if they have any message at all … Many thanks from n3ewbie


His personality is very duel and he often gives harsh truths because he loves people and wants them to improve.

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I’ve never heard of them being associated before, and they come from very different historical sources and traditions. What makes you conflate them?

Enki is a much older god from Sumeria from 14k years ago or more, possibly surviving the last cataclysm, or Ragnarok (they happen regularly).

Lucifer is basically a mistranslation of Venus i.e. the morning star from the xtian bible that, while largely plagariased or made-up, didn’t get Lucifer from older more valid sources as far as I know, and Lucifer only more lately took the popular imagination. He’s what I call a baby god, but I consider the Greek pantheon baby gods as well, so you don’t have to take my view, new spirits can still do well, I just find them too human.

If you perform what is called ‘immersive preparation’ under EA Koetting’s system of magick, you’ll already get a very different feel for both of them.

This is doable but not the best idea. Part of learning magick is that it’s important to trust yourself and develop your own contact. If you get UPG (unverified personal gnosis) from others, do get at least three impressions - if they all disagree discard all of them and do it yourself.

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Regretfully I am not in contact with them so this is my own advice take it or leave it.

But if your can feel all of your chakras, and in good mental health then I would suggest vibration on ALGIZ for protection.

I would recommend 10 vibrations a day and see how you feel if it’s too much and you feel heavy or dizzy then take it down a notch but if you barely feel anything try taking it up a notch by 5 vibrations each time, remember you never want to feel overwhelmed always comfortable let your limit naturally evolve over time don’t force it.

Any a bit of protection now could do a miracle later in life!… oh and try not to start during a voided moon! It doesn’t matter if the meditation passes through one! So long as you don’t start during one.

Sorry I didn’t explain very well,…I’ve done much research on both after having a knock on the head by the universe. Ive read much new age stuff and had birth charts done that pointed to me being a sirian starseed and psychic/empath abilities but its only in the last year whilst researching intensley about new age/esoteric and occult knowledge i have been pulled towards them both which. some say the bible is set on the sumerian tablets and that the story of the snake in the garden is really enki sharing knowledge with his human creations againts enlil his brother (yahweh) which has similar ring to some stories about lucifer and god… I found a very good book by Joshua Free Called the Annunaki bible about their history and rituals for stargates etc and many books but much. more to learn before i start anything like that. This is why I thought enki and Lucifer may be the same person but I expect from your advice he probably isn’t. I still feel pulled to Lucifer or should i say i am being pulled by what I think is him but feel confused as to why i feel such a strong connection to them both. I appreciate all of your feedback and advice . .

Hi Do you mean Enki or Lucifer? what would be the best way to first establish a clear connection or for him to make himself known

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Much appreciated !!! I will give that a go very helpful :smile:

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Naturally you can feel a connection to multiple entities. If their energy matches your energy or your soul’s energy then that can make you feel a connection to them. Your energy can change with time so you don’t have to be worried if someday you find yourself feeling less of a connection to either entity and rather move towards others over time.

What do you want to experience exactly? Would you like to speak with them, or would like to have more of their presence in your life?

Enki, I don’t know he just kind of came to me out of the blue when I was searching for knowledge.

I have Sirian past lives but I don’t subscribe to the ‘starseed’ concept any more than I do otherkin, and I’ve been fae in past lives as well. All sprits incarnate into many typs of beings and sometimes there’s bleedthrough, this is normal - use the traits you get if they’re useful, I don’t think they mean that much otherwise.
I thin you have to be very careful with the new ag stuff, some is awesome, some is wishful thinking and self-congratulatory puffery.

Personally I think yahweh is a rogue demon, it’s highly narcissistic, psycopathic and not one of the anunnaki. It’s not very inteligent or powerful, and the humans have given it it’s veneer of value. Later xtians creates many egregoric versions to suits what they wanted, but in the end it’s the magick of many humans manifesting together in churches, which they are very good at, that gets their workings results.

However, the fact that you are empathic and logical is more reason why you should do your own workings, you have all the ability you need.
To establish connection, look up ‘how to evoke’ here using the search feature.

Just go with your feeling. If you end up being wrong im sure they will understand. Spirits are very fluid to me, and I have had two spirits approach me as one being before. By that I mean spirit x and y will combine to form a new spirit, and that one will contact me.

If your pulled to it just do it. Who cares what other people think, you are the final arbiter of what is true or not in your universe.

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I totally agree with you regards the starseeds new age agenda and struggled with the self important rheoric of the mission and how they claim it’s mostly Enki, Lucifer and marduk we are at war with. Have a look at energetic synthesis site love to know what you think. My pull towards Enki /Lucifer feels like it’s more about me sharing positive info on their behalf which is why over the last year I have researched all arears constantly balancing the good with the bad and feeling like I am being led from subject to subject which is what im searching for …truth .In helping spread their true story Im at the same time helping myself. Im not looking for materialistic or worldly or personal goods . Just knowledge. I had a birth chart reading that said i was heavily involved with the occult in a past life . Do you think that could be why I feel I have a real mission to explain things from their point of you …The new age would have me believe Im being tricked but I can honestly say the connection I feel is from ages past with answers to questions I have about who I am and its only now that I have realised it. It’s almost like I can feel their pain and understand how they are misunderstood and the connection has been from a young age …wether it be enki or lucifer I’m still unsure. My journey has been one of being misunderstood so I feel most of my life has been a learning curve as to how it feels and how nothing is ever black and white especially how we all percieve differently I can see and feel how other people see things. Have been able to see behind the veil from a young age but I just want to make sure I am well learned and knowledgable before i start envoking. If you have any other suggestions Id be very grateful. Thanks so much for the video. will have a watch now. It’s strange but if you search for Enki’s sigil his and Lucifers are the same . Thanks again

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I jwant to experience having a truthful conversation about their side of the story. I feel I’m then supposed to share this on their behalf . I’m getting a nudge towards sites that have info on how to prepare myself mentally and physically which proves I have much work to do on myself before Im prepared to receive such an honour . Since writing my question on here some things are becoming clearer so I thank you all for you help. :slight_smile:

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Evocation can have lots of inaccuracies. You’ll see ALL KINDS of contradictions from occultists evoking the same entities or other entities and asking them about occult philosophy since it’s dependent on the mind. Personally, I feel a non-intuition based divination method is more reliable, so you might want to look into that instead for now. Many times divination is also used to confirm what an entity has said.