Advice working with Sallos and Sitri

Hello, I desperately feel like I need advice on direction to take with an important love matter.

I’m a woman very much smitten with a male coworker. I felt a strong attraction to him immediately, and asked him to hang out after some time. We ended up casually dating for three months, had sex a few times, and he was charming and sweet and exactly my type while we hung out outside of work. At work and via text he ignored me a lot. He would often ignore me because he’s been depressed about his ex who broke up with him over a year ago. She was a witch and apparently very abusive. He’s essentially made himself a hermit since the break up it seems. He said I’m the first person he’s slept with since then. A few weeks ago I asked where I stand with him and he called me explaining that he’s not ready for a relationship and he thinks it’s better if we just be friends.

Before things ended but towards the end I did a ritual to Venus to try and make things work, sorta a love spell but with more wholesome intentions. That’s what gave me the courage to finally talk with him about where we stood. That’s where he ended things. I felt distraught that my workings lead to things ending but I kinda went with what felt right for that working which involved carving his name in a red candle and offering some blood pricked from my finger on some pearls to Venus. During this ritual I felt a vibe that his ex had done something witchcraft wise to contribute to him being guarded and I tried my best to dispel that energy.

After this ritual not giving me my desired outcome, I decided to research more left hand path and research more demonic entities. I felt desperate and debated doing more of a true love spell. I researched Prince Sitri and something felt powerful about working with him, my chest got tight like I could feel his presence and felt synchronicity to his number being 12 and other symbols he had. I didn’t do any workings, but later that night I had a vague sex dream between me and a male presence I couldn’t discern.

I did more research the following few days about Duke Sallos and he seemed safer to work with and more in line with my goals of a long term relationship with this man. I decide to do a love spell despite warnings I have heard from other witches. I did workings with is sigil, offered blood, whiskey and loyalty, burned sandalwood incense, started burning a large red candle with the name of the man on it, and wrote out a contact with my intentions clear on it. I would refresh, restate intentions, and burn down the candle more every few days and noticed that the man started talking to me a bit more at work and started liking my posts on social media again.

However also during this time a different male coworker started showing some interest in me and asked me to get lunch as friends. After one lunch he started texting me non stop and implying he wanted me to be his wife, have his kids, telling me I’m perfect, etc. I didn’t shut it down immediately because the attention felt nice but after a week it felt overwhelming and creepy and was hurting a relationship with a friend at work who was into this guy so I told him to knock it off. Part of me is concerned my workings are related to this man’s overzealousness after one lunch together.

After the drama with that I sat down last night distraught, trying to invoke both Prince Sitri and Duke Sallos very clearly stating my intentions and target doing much of the same things I did the first time. This time I additionally drank some mugwort tea with the intention of hopefully being able to communicate more directly in my dreams since I felt Sitri was trying to communicate that way before. Instead immediately after my workings I developed a cold so bad I skipped work today even though I showed no signs before, a large electrical storm rolled through the night so I did not rest, and the second man who I’m not interested in kept texting me today.

I appreciate anyone who read this far. I feel a little lost and confused and was wondering if anyone has any insight or direction? Thank you in advance!


Have you tried invoking lord Sallos and prince Sitri by using the traditional Solomon Goetia to see whether or not they’d be more precise that way?


I have experience with Sallos. He brings you true love.

So if it’s meant to be with that coworker, Sallos will bring that coworker to you. If it’s not, he will bring someone else! Look for signs. He is fantastic with that! For me he kept showing crocodiles like everywhere! The love that he sparks is an amazing intense feeling.