Advice to a victim of incest

First of all you are corageous enough in order to express yourself , as this is the first sign of the Person’s attempt to face the problem. In Greece or practically in Anchient Greece , it used to be a common saying that facing thyself is the half of solving the problem. For the momement i would recommend attending - as many hours as possible - in yogic practising and starting meditational techniques. When the mind / thought will get calmed down (usually takes some time) , then its good to start some more advanced meditational practise like projection on magical symbols (sigils) in connection with tsakra visualization which they can activate your inner strength or (kundalini energy). Of course all the above require dedication, daily pracise and of course guidance, which is very important when you deal with psychological issues. In regards with Magic, still - as i mention - i would suggest mediatation in sigils + tsakras. I really Wish to you all the best and courage and definately in here there are many people which can provide even better solutions .


Thank you very much. I just performed a ritual for Hekate. During the ritual I had a clear image and a physical experience of roots falling out of my spine. It felt cleansing and necessary, also quite overwhelming. Maybe someone knows more about what roots falling out of a spine means.


Depends where on the spine in my opinion, overall it could mean unnecessary ties have been cut.
On a particular chakra point, the meaning may or.may not still apply. The root chakra is base survival needs, if I’m not mistaken. Chakras affected might be the base and heart chakras in this case, possibly crown as well. Maybe it was a good spring cleaning.

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It was the lowest down. Where a tail would be if I had one. Haha. It was a wild but good experience. The mysteries of Hekate are endless.

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That would be the base chakra. Your physical, and possibly sexual ties to the incest matters have been cut most likely, giving you a taste of freedom.

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Yes, the base chakra. You are right about that. Feeling a bit confused after this I did not think about that. Cutting ties is a main theme in my life still. Gaining freedom more and more. Thanks. I am grateful for your reply.


Your experiance sounds good. It reminds me of a meditational technique “Kaya Asterium” which practically connect ones existence to ground. Rooting or ground channeling is the basis of the sentimental / emotional healings. Well done !!!


Rooting sounds very familiar. The meditation where you visualize roots not falling from your spine but growing into the ground seems to be a common thread many places in the world. I remember using it for healing a long time ago as well along with the very effective understanding of trees as mentors with the roots going deep down into the ground and the crowns going up into the skies. Firmly planted while also unfolding so to speak.


"Documentation of cause and effect " that’s what I’m looking for.
Where do I start …

Are you asking for advice on how to document abuse so you can show it to someone to prosecute abusers?

Or trying to see what current behaviors might be rooted in childhood trauma?

Please clarify

This post is exactly what I’ve been looking for answers to. I really appreciated E.A. Koetting’s video here. He’s pretty awesome.

Self love in this sense could mean doing Magick to humiliate and expose the liars who have escaped retribution…

I’m not rushing to commit hexes and cursed just yet, but if grown men who touch children are out there in the normal world possibly still abusing children then it’s justified to go after them… only to expose them, again. That would be nice.

It’s really difficult to have had this happened to you, and makes relationships difficult.

Now that I don’t do drugs / drink, my social life has been completely diminished.

I realize why.

Time to draw, paint, make music. That and nature walks are my way to deal with it.