Advice/Tips for Group Evocation?

So I’ve been fortunate enough to find a couple other people locally who want to get together and perform an evocation. I’ve only ever done evocations by myself, so I’m wondering how best to logistically organize a group ritual. Should all three of us sit around the sigil, get into the TGS, and summon it forth? Or is it better to have one person focus on the sigil and call the spirit while the other two try to structure it in the incense smoke?

Just curious what’s worked and what hasn’t for you guys. Any tips as far as getting a group into a synched-up TGS and raising energy collectively? I’ve pretty much always been a solo practitioner so in-person group work is kind of a new thing to me.

That’s very lucky you found others to work with. I’ve been looking for that myself, but I am not going to open a Craigslist ad to find them lol.

I think I remember a youtube video where there was a single sigil in the center and all members focused on it, or they used a sigil drawn on a paper in their hand and went through the process. I’m sure most people here will say, “do what feels right”

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Yeah, that’s a given when it comes to effective magick. It’d be nice to hear what’s worked best for others who’ve done group ritual work together, though.

Update: performed a couple evocations with a friend for the first time. We both sat down in front of a black mirror and incense censer while each of us held a copy of the sigil of the entity in our laps while we attempted to get into the TGS trance state via meditation & repetition of the appropriate enns.

Contact was definitely made as far as telepathic communication with the entities, and we even had a couple shared visions in the mirror that were confirmed afterwards. I wasn’t able to get very deep into the TGS, however, probably because it’s a bit weird for me to fully relax and get into the right headspace with another person right next to me without feeling a bit self-conscious, as I’m used to solo meditation. I’m assuming this will get resolved with more experience and practice with group evocations.