So; okay went on a date, it went well and we ended up sleeping together. She is pissed that we slept together.

Who or what would y’all suggest?

I suggest backing off temporarily and asking nicely why she’s pissed about it. Communication is king


She is pissed because we ended up going fast instead of slow. She thinks that I just viewed her as a booty call.

Like literally everything was going well; than she wanted to go to my place, and than I made a move and tada bedroom.

She is a sweet chick and I dunno what to do to be honest.

I dunno what entity specializes in emotions of this sort

Hathor understand female sexuality and psychology, favours harmonious relationships between the sexes, and she doesn’t hate men - try her.

If there’s a relationship to be salvaged from this, she may be able to do it.

There’s a hymn for Her here - she has an image and page on Wikipedia here: Hathor - Wikipedia

You can print or just look at her image and read about her, maybe light a small candle or tralight, and ask for her aid, she is a goddess and used to responding to prayers (often made by people who were completely illiterate) and you don’t need anything too elaborate, though if you have access to wine or beer, she would probably appreciate that (but not if it’s not sold freely where you live).

She likes turquoise and teal shades, but red or gold, or white, for the candle is fine if those are all you have right now - obviously give her something new unless that’s literally impossible, and never use or offer it for anything else or for any other spirit.

Face west when you call to Her, and if possible have a shower or a good wash beforehand as well. :slight_smile:

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