Advice regarding goals:

Sorry this is a personal post and I really need some advice. Also I hope that it can help some of you out regarding your goals.

To start off I’m nearly 20 and feel I need to accomplish much of my life goals now before well work catches up with my Life.

I’m also not just in the Occult for these goals. I genuinely enjoy this path.

Via Magick and Spirit work, I would like to become a Rapper, release some Aqoustic rock songs, develop a solid Martial Arts background and be an Actor in Hollywood (I don’t live in the USA).

So if I worked with different Spirits for the different areas I want to Achieve, would there be any problems or would this be better?

For example; King Paimon for music, Archangel Micheal for Martial Arts, Queen Astaroth for Magickal ascent and Santa Muerte for help with an acting career.

As to the steps I’m taking, I’m studying acting online, slowly getting back into Marital Arts, studying Magick and working on a mixtape.


Also I’m stil in the “begginer” category but I have communicated with all these Spirits besides Santa Muerte.

Start slow. You won’t like to hear this but you have plenty of time. Magick isn’t a thing to be rushed. I know at 20 I also wanted to get all my goals accomplished immediately, but it didn’t happen, and it’s probably good that didn’t happen.

Study up on these demons, approach each separately, forge a relationship with them, see how they can help you. As a black magician you’ll have a huge advantage over anyone else, but it doesn’t mean you don’t have to put in the work yourself as well, or that success will just be handed to you overnight.


Yes you’re right. Actually my desire to have a relationship with these Entities and show the world the truth is also great.

And by the looks of it, they seem to not support some of our goals because it’s what’s best for us.

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Always remember, your goals are your own and while the spirits may advise you, the choice is yours alone as to “what is best” for you. They can have peculiar ideas that may not fit with what you want (such as Belial trying to make someone leave their wife because he thinks a man would better suit them), so keep that in mind. Contrary to the opinions of some, the spirits are not infallible and their agenda is not yours. Some spirits will gladly see you burn if it furthers their own plans.

As for your goals…

Take each one and break them down into steps, and then find and work with spirits for each step. You may need to call upon more than the four you listed, and don’t hesitate to do so. For example, you could work with King Paimon on composing, and Apollo on lyrics. Or Archangel Michael for martial technique and Mars for fighting spirit.


Wow that was intense. Makes you think that you’re really the only being who is going to be there for yourself most of the the time.

Yes I will start breaking down these goals into smaller steps and working with different Spirits which compliment the overall goal.

Thank you.

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The spirits are wonderful advisers and companions, but they have their own views on things, so it is always wise to remember that you are the one in control of your life, not them. The spirits will support you, and help you, and guide you, but ultimately, you are in the drivers seat and thus responsible for its successes and failures. After all, this isn’t religion (well, unless you are a demonolator, which is a religious practice, lol).

Good luck with your goals :slight_smile:


Yes that makes sense. Thank you.

Thank you and all the best with your goals!!

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Entertainment is one of the most demanding and difficult fields and endeavours. Unless you know someone your chances of success are very limited. Even with the help of the occult. I know this from personal experience. Too many pitfalls and scumbags. As even with success you may find that these fields are something you do not want to do or people you do not want to work with.

Do you have any experience as an actor? I have met many that claimed to be actors or wanted to be an actor. However, when it came to time to put the work into it they gave up. Many even with a small audience would panic and freeze. I have tried the acting game and put in years of work besides my degree in theater, this includes expensive work shops, many shorts and indie projects. Good luck in getting paid as well…

I also trained in Tae Kwon Do for three years putting in much time and money into the martial arts. Which has come in quite handy at times.

I would try to focus on ONE field and try and excell first see if you have any talent for music, acting or martial arts. Although the intial desire may be there once you start training and seeing what it is really like you may find that this is not the direction you want to take.

Although you can certainly get a huge boost from any given deity for a field or endeavour of your choosing it might not bring you success or happiness.


Thank you this opened my eyes out.

I’m not trying to become extremely successful in either field. I just want to experience them.

In terms of acting, I have had a main role in a dialogue play and minor roles when I was a kid. In all honesty I just want to play a few movie or tv roles even if they’re minor.

Martial Arts I decided to brake up. I want to obtain my Karate Black Belt and study a bit of Kung Fu, Kenjutsu and BJJ.

Rap seems to be my main passion, as long as my music can help people and get my messages across I’m happy.

I guess I will simplify my goals and really think them though. Thank you.

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[quote=“Twilight_Dragon, post:10, topic:50936”]
terms of acting, I have had a main role in a dialogue play and minor roles when I was a kid. In all honesty I just want to play a few movie or tv roles even if they’re minor. [/quote]

So you do have some experience. What your requesting would be possible. But even for a U5 (under five lines) you would have to get an agent if its a network show or A List movie. The one exception would be if you came in as a background actor (Central Casting) and were picked by one of the ADs to do a small role, rare but it does happen.

As long as your goals are reasonable… Follow your dreams! choose your deity carefully and move forward.

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Thank you for this advise. Now I just need to move to LA after I complete college :sweat_smile:

I set reasonable goals because it’s simpler to achieve however I do have bigger goals. I just know that its not good to bet it all on them.

I hope you achieve you Life goals too!!

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Actually, it would be far easier to cast for a role in an independent film where you are, and then hit the festival circuit. There are a lot of fantastic independent films from all over the world, and they could be the perfect vehicle for you. Use your spells to get the movie into Cannes and then use them to get noticed. That is how a lot of people get into Hollywood. The director of Paranormal Activity, for example, made the movie in his house for a few thousand dollars, hit the festival circuit, found a distributor, and bam! he’s now a Hollywood director.

I myself am an actor. I also have practiced taekwondo for 25 years. lol


Believe it or not, no one in my area has an interest in films but I can at least try. You’ve given me a great idea thank you!

And yet you give advice to newcomers. It’s Magicians, Actors and Artists like you that inspire me to never give up on my dreams and aid others this way :3