Advice please!

hello every one… I would like to hear good advice to cleansing a house
the house is been horrible hunted apparently for years.
crazy shit been happened the father of my friend die in weir way… they been seem shadows of the form of a man walking around the house. the dog just die also and now the my she is been experiment crazy stuffs… her healthy is become so bad etc.
I was thinking to do an evocation and sent the forces to try to help to cleansing but i will like to hear from you guys any advices

Check out my thread “Regarding spirits who appear at crossroads etc.” In the Necromancy section.

Thanks I’ll check it

It depends on your style and what you want to do. Your options are 1) purge the haunting, 2) bind the energies to your will, 3) absorb it, 4) expel it with a more powerful source of energy, or 5) ignore it and hope it fades away on its own. Let me break these down for you:

Option 1, pros: Property will be a “clean slate” suitable for any future purpose.

Option 1, cons: -Will likely require multiple banishing rituals. -Act of banishing has a chance to attract nearby entities as a side effect, since it lights the area up like a Christmas tree. -Banishing won’t remove the energies, just move them to another place, which could be someone else’s house.

Option 2, pros: -You might be able to bind one or more entities to your will and have them do things for you. -Might result in an improved ritual space and a boost in power of magical workings. -Will permanently remove the problem for as long as the binding holds, which could be indefinitely.

Option 2, cons: -It is hard and maybe a bit dangerous to attempt. -Might be more trouble than it’s worth, since not all entities are useful or capable. Some are more like trash that needs to be removed. -Bound energies are only useful in boosting workings that are aligned with them, and will actually mess up workings that are not aligned with them.

Option 3, pros: -Chance to use psychic vampirism techniques in a fun and constructive way. -Mmmm, tasty! -Permanently solves the problem.

Option 3, cons: -Requires purification methods if you don’t want to take on the characteristics of the energy you are absorbing. -Absorption could fail, which would probably piss off whatever is in the house. -Purification could be imperfect or fail, likely resulting in nausea at best or mild to moderate illness at worst. -Could be more trouble than it is worth.

Option 4, pros: -Permanent solution. -Does not necessarily require knowledge or effort of any kind, just have someone else do it.

Option 4, cons: -Might require more than one attempt. -You better be happy with whatever superior presence or energy you are inviting into the house.

Option 5, pros: -Requires no effort whatsoever. -Might actually work, since some entities gain strength from acknowledgement.

Option 5, cons: -May take forever, and may not work at all.

Creed posted an excellent piece on cleansing a room a few months ago. Give it a read, you may find his advice helpful.

[quote=“Superstes, post:4, topic:4886”]Option 5, pros: -Requires no effort whatsoever. -Might actually work, since some entities gain strength from acknowledgement.

Option 5, cons: -May take forever, and may not work at all.[/quote]

Not to be discounted. Actually, the only poltergeist type activity I’ve ever had in my own home actually seemed to have moved right along due to case of the old “stiff upper lip”. Well, in an ironical sort of way, because I actually just deadpanned appreciatively about the demonstrations of what I’d definitely call a (kindred?) trickster spirit. Which probably would -not- have worked out the way it did had I freaked out and started calling for the exorcist.