Advice please

In working with Asteroth and the pendulum - I asked how I would be able to hear. I was told “telepathy”. I have looked up posts. I haven’t seen one referring to a spirit. Just to another living human.

I would love to know some resources on preparing myself for this. I’ve been working on meditations for over a year. They were always guided meditations though.

I don’t mind putting in the hard work. And I’m not trying to run before walking. I ask because someone may know of a great resource to help. Instead of wasting money on books that aren’t helpful.

The only other problem is I do have tinnitus… so my ears constantly ring. I don’t know the severity of it. I haven’t had my hearing tested. I just want to be sure I’m open to speak to a spirit. I’ve been working hard with Asteroth who I truly believe is helping with the pendulum for now. I’ve been told things I would never have realized until it was pointed out and spelled out.

Anyhow! Thanks in advance! Also, does anyone experience an increase in heart rate when you feel you “hear” a spirit?!

I feel like you’re misunderstanding something here…

You’re overthinking it.

Astaroth was to the point with this response in that you’re being told that your “hearing” will be telepathic. In the mind

I can count the few instances of hearing that we’re like actually audible on one hand. (Blew my mind)

More often it’s a subtle communication.

Doesn’t matter. You don’t use your physical ears to hear spirits.

If your tinnitus is distracting, you may need to meditate to learn to sit with it without to much distraction.

Alternatively, seeing as how white noise can be used to create a medium or…“soundscape” to hear out of, you might be able to do the same with your tinnitus with or in tandem with some white noise.

I used to comine binaural beats with white noise as I relaxed into sleep and there would come a point where hypnogogia kicked in and I’d start to hear voices and all kinds of stuff in the background. It also happened with just theta binaural. At some point it feels like the waves lengthen and in between you start to hear talking and all kinds of things.

I’ve read about people listening to the white noise naturally occurring in their environment to hear stuff.


I’ve been looking into this. Thank you for taking the time to explain.

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