Advice on Tarot Spread meaning?

The question was: What are _____'s feelings towards me?

This is actually about a spirit/goddess not a human, since I’m confused about something

My spread:

2 of cups: I got good vibes, not sure if meant romantically but that a connection was felt. So platonic.

9 of Cups: Also got good vibes, felt more like balance, stable, working together/etc.

3 of Wands: Again good vibes, felt like helping me move forward, journey to/for my future goals/etc.

Father of Cups: Wasn’t sure.

Opinions anyone? I need to practice Tarot more, well on deciphering the cards specifically. So need help on what’s the cards might be telling me.

I also don’t do reversed cards in my spreads.

I did the spread because I’m confused about a spirits interactions with me, my reaction (aka feelings/thoughts), what the spirits feelings are towards me. Since they keep popping up in my mind as well as some other things.

These are all very positive cards. This goddess definetely has your best interests at her mind. The king of cups I think that means that she wants to help you face and control your emotions. Are you doing shadow work with this deity? Maybe that’s you get mixed messages from her. Shadow work can make you go against some difficult situations and feelings.

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I feel that to, I did the reading because I’m confused on if I have “feelings” for said goddess or If she does.

(Since when I first met her there was alittle “sexual” interaction but didn’t feel purely lustful, and at the time I politely rejected)

All it was was a kiss and alittle touching on her part, but I’m already in a spiritual romantic relationship - which also is confusing me then. Although she did “sleep” with me. More so in a comforting manner though.

However now she keeps popping up in my mind every now and then in a romantic manner (not sexual) or if I’m doing “stuff” her name just pops up randomly even if I wasn’t thinking about her. It’s causing me alot of confusion.

I’m actually avoiding Shadow work with her.

It can happen dont feel too bad about it. Sexual intercourse has a lot of depth spiritually. It propably means something about your nature. Don’t feel guilty and try to understand why this happens. That’s what I think the king of cups means. The others are pretty obvious I think.

2 of cups relationship or cooperation
9 of cups success and satisfaction
3 of wands growth and expansion

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Well one I tend to be pretty closed off sexually so im slow to trust, and I’m monogamous (which is why my own “feelings” might be bothering me).

I’m just not sure if the feelings are neutral or just on my side (if romantic). So that’s what I was trying to clear up.

Another thing is the goddess that I did the reading about is the one where most guys are warned not to approach in a sexual manner.

Which isn’t really a concern to me since if I have those types of feelings they are mostly platonic and MAYBE some romantic - doubt sexual. Plus I don’t believe in purely sexual encounters without a heart- heart emotional connection.