Advice on scrying

So when I perform my scrying exercises I can get to the point of seeing the white fog,and if I charge the water or mirror I’m using with energy I begin to see tons of energy floating around the surface or even fly out of the scrying device.My question is when I make a command like “Show me a spirit” nothing changes.Is there something I’m not doing or is this just how it’s suppose to progress?

good luck with your workings in this- buried in my prior posts I’ve commented on my thoughts on this, one part could be related to how the “white fog” is in a pt in space and yet isn’t (it allows a slip into this other- like a portal).
And then once you’ve stabilized that further pt (feel the presence in that different place, a Contact even if just perception), then ‘from thence where can you see’ -not from your original pt of perceiving, but established in that fog.

-so just as in a dream one can go further, (imagine you are in the middle of a circle… and the circumference is the limits of your perceiving, but if you can sort of see from that pt- from the original “center” it will be beyond, but from that new pt, there is a new circle… so you need to receive and have it translate/transmitted from that outreach pt- ie where your perception lands, like a hook tossed in fly fishing, you can’t determine where it goes, but can leave where it lands once there, the hook sinks. and listen/feel for the tugs via the line/string-rod (fishing-rod, ~dowsing-rod?)

When you scry, don’t focus on the mirror but allow your inner vision to activate. Relax, and when you’re deeper in the theta/gamma sync, you’ll notice an “observer”, a part of your mind that is observing all of this beyond your thoughts and emotions. Then focus that observer on what you want to see. Don’t think words, images or anythig like that. It’s a shift of your awareness and attention.