Advice on Obsession or Love spells

Love and or Obsession spells sometimes take time. Most of the time they do. You also have to play your part right. Don’t give too much attention or act blatantly like you need theirs. Don’t get aggravated because they aren’t acting how you want. And overall be very patient. Take deep breathes when needed. Do research on how to respond in certain situations and or ask for guidance. Don’t be quick to text back. Seem semi busy and Make them want you. Just some advice. And I know it’s hard sometimes. But you have to do it right. So you don’t mess up your chance.


Is this from experience? Just curious just did one and unsure how to proceed properly we talked daily and she is with someone else but last few days not alot of contact.any advice would be greatly appreciated


No offense bro,
But research? Deep breathing? patience? asking for advice? Seem semi busy? Don’t text back? This isn’t Dr. Drew. This an occult forum that deals in black fucking magick!
The only research I need to do is on the best way to find Asmodeus or Zepar :sweat_smile:
I feel you though
I feel you

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Well. Looks like you don’t know the first thing about “black magick” if you can’t understand that sometimes the most useful shit is the mundane shit. This is talking about a core concept of black magick called lust for results so if you can’t recognize that this is great advice then please don’t act like this isn’t fit for this forum.

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OK! Will do!

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I understand that this could have come across as rude or disrespectful but sometimes the energy you send out gets sent right back at ya. Either way I understand your point i just feel you could have been less condescending

You are right, I agree, and I apologize for speaking rudely too.

So let me explain, nowhere does the OP mention avoiding the disastrous pitfall of lusting for results.
In fact, I read this as the exact opposite. These are all things I’ve personally done when I was pathetically infatuated with someone.

But, after I reread their post, I get what they and you are saying and more importantly I get the spirit with which you are saying it. That’s why I apologize.


Yeah it’s from Personal experience and a lot of spells.

I will say this - Once the spell is in place, it will work precisely to the extent that you let go. (everything else being equal, of course) Every time I let just a little of the obsession go, the spirit works for me. When I start obsessing again, the spirit stops.

It’s kinda like letting water out of a bath tub. Obsessing on the person shuts the drain. Stop obsessing and the drain opens and the water (the demon’s energy or efforts, or whatever, take effect) flows through again. And it will continue to flow as long as you stop obsessing and stay stopped.

None of that stuff you mentioned ever worked for me. What has worked is pouring everything I got into the ritual to the point where I am drained of even the slightest care about the result.