Advice On My Situation

Hi all, I’m not sure if this is the right place to post this but I’m considering using magic to help my situation since I have no idea what to do.

I have feelings for a guy but he has two kids with two different girls. I’m obviously not comfortable with this, but aside from that I like everything about him. He also has some of his stuff at one of their moms’ place and I don’t like this either. He also has week long periods off of work and spends these out of town with his kids. This for some reason also makes me uncomfortable.

I know this is going to make me sound selfish and like a horrible person, but I want him to have nothing to do with either one of those women or even his kids. I just want him to myself. What can I do magically to make this happen?

I can see why you have doubts. I would do an attraction spell for “a dude exactly like this guy without these problems”.

You’re swimming against the tide on this one because not only are the energies strong, they’re from two entire families: you’re not working against only him, but him plus the will of the mothers, the kids and the grandmothers (and kids are very strong natural mages sometimes and they unconsciously protect their parents). That’s a lot of natural feminine magick working on him to do right by his kids already. And you’re trying to work against love, which is way strong. Fear is your best bet for that. Fear is the opposite of love (not hate, hate is a product of fear).

So you’d need a layered working to break thier interest and care for him as well as his in them and increase his interest in you.

However, rule caveat: we don’t talk about kids at BALG or doing curses against children, so we can’t go really there in this topic. What you do is between you and your conscience.

Sour jars and the usual recommendations for breakup spells come in here. Try the search at too right and use the keywords “breakup” etc to see the many option prople have used: there’s a LOT on this one so you should find something that fits your style.


You are already seeing red flags with him. Those flags aren’t his kids, he doesn’t have his shit together.

Do some work on yourself. Look into why you want someone who has multiple baby mommas, and that other stuff. Ya, maybe he’s hot, but you can anyways just hit it and quit it. Look into why you are willing to harm the lives of children to get what you want.

The work on yourself will attract the people you want for years to come.


Seconded… it’s classic “Head vs Heart” : sometimes the heart just brings you regret and later your head tells you “I told you so”.
You really want these two in alignment, and pause when they’re not: yours seem not to be and that’s worth looking at. I’d call this an aspect of the mage coming into that old “know thyself” chestnut, so, it’s a good opportunity to do some of that inner work here, no matter what the outcome is, it’s good in that respect.