Advice on Magic and Spirit Work

Before beginning this thread, I have to say I am not perfect. I am not 100% correct 100% of the time. I am not writing this to sound like a condescending asshole (yes, I am aware I am like that at times). These are just tips and lessons I’ve learnt through the direct experience of magic. I’ve experienced this things to be true in my own work, and sometimes also in the work of others when comparing/trading notes. This is mostly for novices who have no clue what they’re doing, but more advanced members can feel free to chime in. So let’s get started, shall we?

Feed your spirits. This is an important one, I think. When you start building close relationships with certain entities and you begin building them an altar, get statues etc. you must be sure to feed them regularly/consistently. This basically keeps the spirit looking out for you, and helps to anchor them into your lives. You are feeding their altar and statues to continue to draw their essence into the space. You’ll notice dirty water, rotten food, etc. will exude a heavy, nasty presence, which will immediately lighten after throwing them out. I always use Water when feeding a spirit. I believe it is the number one offering and helps them to cross over into our world. Much of the time, a glass of water is all you need to feed a spirit. You only add on more offerings when it proves itself trustworthy and a hardworker. Now, you may be wondering what would happen if you built an altar and refused to feed this spirit. This is the point of this advice. Spirits will basically mess with you if you don’t deliver. They can block your life, make you sick, attack you, etc. to bring you back to their altar. They may even feed off of you and drain you of your life force. This actually happened to me rather recently, and as soon as I fed the spirits and apologized I recovered. But even if the spirit attacks you, it doesn’t mean it’s evil. It’s your fault. Keep your promises.

Pay your debts. This is such an important one! Whatever promise you make to a spirit, keep it. If you say you’re going to give them a bottle of wine for a job, do it promptly. Spirits require payment. They won’t take kindly to you ignoring that. In fact, my experience has been that they will be slow to act if you have outstanding debts.

Don’t feed them with blood. I know so many people on this forum think this is such a cool practice, dark n spooky, oh it adds so much energy to the ritual!!! First, no it doesn’t. I’ve done magic with and without blood, I can firmly say blood it’s totally unnecessary. It doesn’t show the spirits, “OH she wants his dick so badly she’s willing to bleed for him”. Furthermore, it can be very dangerous. I’ve never seen bad results from a one time feeding, but having fed a spirit on nothing but my own blood for several months, I discovered that the spirit turned in a vampire so to speak. It would drain me of my energy anytime I was around it and would fuck up my ability to do magic as a result, because I would be unable to concentrate. So don’t do it kids.

Learn to communicate effectively. This is a pet peeve of mine. Total novices try to evoke demons and then don’t know how to communicate and are thus unable to get shit done. Then they whine about their magic failing. There are literally so many methods, learn as many as you can. Learn how to throw shells, bones, cards and hear them with your mind. Also dream work. I prefer “hearing”, but I follow up with cards or shells. Seriously, it’ll make your life a lot easier and help you to make fewer mistakes. Instead of running to the forum complaining that you don’t know why a spirit hasn’t fulfilled the pact, just talk to it and see what’s up.

No method of communication is perfect. With the above being said, don’t rely overmuch on what you hear. Be aware that the mind can still be swayed by your own innate desires and may block or warp their words. It’s happened to me on many occasions and I’m getting to the point where I can begin to understand when I’m just too emotionally invested in something to get clear answer. Just be skeptical and constantly check yourself. If a spirit says, “No, don’t do it” but you want it so badly that it begins to say, “Wellllll…” stop.

Don’t trust all spirits, just because. Some spirits don’t have your best interest at heart. Test the trusthworthniess of spirits by how much they say is tested to be true and the work they do.

Always cleanse after negative work. I cannot emphasize this enough. Karma, 3 fold etc. doesn’t exist. The only thing going is you aren’t cleaning yourself of the muck you work with while you’re cursing. Hex work draws upon negative powers and energies, you can’t keep that shit around.

Ancestors first. The ancestors are your closest spiritual allies. They want nothing but for you to have a happy and fulfilling life. You can rely on their advice the majority of the time. And don’t ignore them because, “Oh they’re Christian and they won’t approve of me trying to be dark and spooky by summoning demons!!!” Calm down. One of my grandfathers though God punished witches by making them cry blood. Yet he doesn’t interfere in my witchcraft. The fact, ancestors generally won’t stop you from doing something unless the practice isn’t beneficial to you. Listen to them goddammit.

Learn about your bio region. This isn’t a strict necessity, but immensely helpful if you want to follow the green path. Learn your local flora, what their properties are etc. and actually meet them! Go up to the plants and trees and make offerings. Talk to them until they open up to you. Instead of allowing yourself to be clouded by what a book might say, talk to the spirit on a one on one basis and learn about its uses in that way. They’re a lot smarter than you might expect and can be useful allies.

To heal, you must know to hex, and vice versa. Self explanatory. Know the basics of healing/cleansing and hexing. They are both necessary to the art.

You’re not an almighty, invincible deity. I know people on this forum love to think that, but you’re a lot more humble than you think. You can’t force spirits to do your bidding all on your own. You can’t make it rain blood and raise armies of the dead. Be honest and truthful about yourself. A large ego does not bode well for a magician.

Just because a spirit is your ally does not mean it won’t leave you. Yes, a hard lesson to learn. But if you refuse to properly feed or pay a spirit, they will turn on you. If you disrespect them, they will turn on you. Don’t think even your allies are fluffy bunnies. They may give you chances or warnings to make things right, heed them.

Be Firm in your statements of intent. And in general. Avoid uses of words like “maybe”, “Sorta”, etc. Be firm and polite. Ie, “Bring me a man with fair skin, black hair, and a big cock” not… “May you please give me a man I might like?” Don’t be a dick, just state exactly what you want. Don’t be meek.

DIVINATION FOREVER. I guarantee you, if you spent time learning how to do divination, the amount of questions you’ll ask about what working you need to do will diminish to almost nothing. Just divine and consult the spirits on what course of action you should take. if you can’t do it, get someone else to do it.

Books aren’t bibles. Just because you read something in a book doesn’t mean it’s true or relevant to you. I wish I hadn’t read as many books as I have because they sometimes cloud my judgment. Also, many real practices aren’t listed in books. I’ve learned far more magic from spirits and elders than I’ve ever read from a book. Along that line of thought, just because you read a book doesn’t mean you know what you’re talking about. Armchair theorism is bullshit. Don’t do it. Do the work, SPELLWORK, or go home.

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Say you leave a glass of water out on your spirits’ altar. How do you prevent other spirits from being drawn to the water and feeding on that which rightfully belongs to your spirits?

You dedicate it to the spirit.
I do this by holding the glass to my chest then “handing” it to the spirit saying, “I give you this offering of water, NN”. Then place it next to or in front of their statue. You can also dip your finger into liquids and rub it on the mouth of the statue or on the crown of their head.

About communicating with spirits: The general advice seems to be to do a divination after talking to a spirit, to make sure that the answers you received are legit. How can we be sure that it’s our divination results that are legit?

Do divination outside of spirit work. Test it.

And on the subject of feeding your spirits:

I understand that just water is fine, though food can also be offered, in addition to anything that the spirit might request. I understand that it’s not really the food and drink that the spirits feed on, like you and I do, but the essence of the food and drink.

That said, I wonder about the importance some people have placed behind the disposal of the food and drink after the spirits are done with them. Once the spirits have taken all the essence, the food and drink takes on an icky aura, the stuff spoils or gets stale, etc. The spirits won’t be eating that. So why is it important to take that old food out to nature, or say, a crossroad? Wouldn’t it be fine to throw it in the trash bin like you would any food that has gone bad, or pour dirty old water down the sink? The spirits are done with it; they’re not going to keep feeding on it.

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I have done both. The spirits don’t seem to mind or care either way, unless you promise to do it a certain way or something.
Though, when I did do it (and ill be getting back into the routine), the place I was dumping offerings was a physical representation of where they lived (in this case, crossroads).
But yeah, I really don’t know the answer.