Advice on love

Hello everyone . To be honest, I’m a newbie in love and even though I wanted to date someone, he didn’t give me a complete yes. He is sincere with a close friend of mine, and when I’m already going through a bad time, this upsets me a lot. I want to she fall in love to me after separating the two, but I don’t know if this will be the right decision. I just want to talk a little and get some advice.

Any action you would make to draw someone in would be an act of seduction. Love is difficult to define. Obsession would be what you risk. The best way to become more attractive is always to better yourself. The darker way would be to manipulate the situation. Men are easy, they like sex and food.


So this person is in a relationship with a close friend of yours, but you want to break them up and bring this person to you? I’m just trying to understand the situation to give the best advice, not judging at all.

Honestly, if you’re unsure of the decision you should make, I think divination would be of help to you here. Ask questions about what you want, if you should pursue the person, etc.

Good luck.

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If you are a newbie start with rituals of self love.
They might sound not what you are looking for but they are super effective.

You see… a love ritual is a ritual that attracts love. On a spell that is directed to someone you are harvesting all the love this person can give you. And some times it might not be enough. So your results can take time to manifest and if they do manifest they might not last long because there isnt enough energy there.

The self love rituals increase your vibration so you are starting to harvest love from all around you. And hence you get the best energetic match to you.

Even if you do spells to attract someone specific you still need to do self love rituals to increase your desirability.

An example is if you do a self love ritual with Oshun. It will make you glow and this will attract the attention of everyone including the person you want.

I wouldn’t recommend break up rituals for a newbie, as if there is not enough protection or if they are done incorrectly they might attract negative energy.