Advice on getting my boss to leave me the F*CK ALONE?

I’m at my wits end. I am a female, who works remote. I can’t easily look for a new job because my job is fully remote and it’s high paying which is hard to find. I am 6 months in.

My boss is getting worse and worse. I think he has a sick obsession with me. He completely micromanages me. I am a recruiter, so my job requires a lot of independence. I interview people, hire them, and mostly work with my hiring managers. I should rarely have to talk to my boss. I am losing my mind with Anger. It’s becoming a daily occurrence where my male boss find a reason to message me on teams and call me with his video on. At this point he is making excuses just to talk to me it seems. Last week he called me and kept me on the video chat for 30 minutes talking about how I should slow down my work to prevent mistakes. He called me on teams five times today and again talk to me for 40 minutes, but this time about working faster to be more efficient. This is crazy, considering I have absolutely no candidates under review. All of them are in the process of moving through the hiring process.
He then proceeded to think of something I may possibly be doing wrong, and tried to look up an example only to find that I have been doing it right. He finds an excuse to call me almost every day and talk to me and critique me and manage me. When I tried to bring it up he gives me attitude and says “you think you are perfect with no room for improvement”.

I am fucking livid. I have been practicing occultism for many years. I have called on many demons, and at this point in my life, I am ruthless. I am seriously considering what to do. Do I call on Andras to have my boss leave the company. Or should I call on Andras/Glasya Labosas to make this man extremely sick or ill, so that he has to take a medical leave?

My boss is draining me and affecting my health negatively. The anger is boiling inside of me. He’s wasting my time and critiquing me everyday, it’s driving me insane. I don’t know if my situation will get better or off I need demons to intervene.

I just called on Archangel Michael and my guardian angels to have him leave the company and stop calling me and messaging me so much. But I’m worried I might need a demon. Please advise. Thank you

I would try a binding to hold him from working against you, from thinking of you, go grey rock and in the meantime look for other jobs for sure. A working o bring the right oppotunities is possible, and for this I like Ant’harratu from the Book of Azazel.


I would also recommend calling Belial. He despises people like your boss that mistreat their employees. I would also call King Paimon to help you deal with your boss.


I have a boss similar to yours. She also practices some form of witchcraft. I flared my aura in front of her showing the vast difference between our levels of power and it seems to have done permanent damage to her. Now she treats me like shit equally along with everyone else as is her nature and no longer intentionally targets me. In fact she tries to send me on jobs that put me as far away from her as physically possible.

Since your boss is remote and just a regular jackass you can probably fortify and condense your aura and then in the next video call slam it through the signal into their brain with the power of a thousand dominating suns that wish to see him only kneel and serve or be erased as if her never existed. Build up your aura enough like this and he will find excuses to avoid contact. Given the remote nature you can also easily set up some kind of radionic device provided you don’t have anyone else nearby and you keep it out of camera to target him.


Thank you. Also I’m not sure if this is a good or bad idea, but I’m at a relatively large company. Like my manager manages about 30-50 people. I was thinking of sending an anonymous complaint to the company’s president and other directors of Human Resources.

Maybe that will make him chill the fuck out and stop being so fucking condescending on his power trip?

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I’m calling on a NASTY Goetia spirit before work starts to make this man suffer illness and the death of friendship. Maybe that will weaken him and make him stop calling…

For weakening, Caim also does this, according to Corwin Hargrove’s Goetia Pathworking:

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Get the book “Angels of Wrath” from Gallery of Magick. Then find a fitting ritual. “Force Exile” sounds like the best to me.

Also, may you keep us updated? I’d like to see how well your spell work affects this creepy boss!

I was going to post a similar thing because I am in similar situation to the OP. Instead I found this topic and while I wait for answers I will post my view as well things I did in the mundane that may be of assistance to the OP.

Should it require it I’m sure I can open a topic myself or the mods can split my post on this as necessary

So OP I was in a similar situation and it turns out my boss was doing the exact same thing to me and to others within my team.

Not only that but my boss owed me $5000 which remains unpaid.

I got another job which actually pays more. I quit the existing job. I then asked to make a formal complaint about my boss to the head of department on my final day on the job and I also sought legal advice from an attorney about my legal rights. I also hired a PI to investigate my managers dirty secrets.

As for the money I am owed I’m going to ask Belial to assist with this (I know money isn’t normally in Belial’s sphere of influence but this is not about manifesting money more about getting my wages paid that I’m already owed) I’m also going to summon Andras to interfere with my now former boss

It is, actually. He helps with promotion and status and money is a big part of that. He is included in the BALG Wealth Magick book, for example.

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Really depends on the company but in general HR is only to protect the company. The grunts and drones are living human trash to them unless they can inflict more damage to the company than the boss can provide by being protected. Their whole deal is damage control and keeping the status quo. If you can get a good person in the system or one with a grudge against the individual that will work well. I personally just have bad experiences with the whole politics of HR which is why I just go to basic psychic means of nuking trouble from existence. Much faster, less stressful, more efficient, and much less effort in my experience. That saying HR is great if you need to fuck someone over on your own level or just barely above or below you but for those too high above it just marks you as a target.

You’re ultimate goal should just be to make your job comfortable and survivable to buy you time to set out on your own with your own pursuits and business that you are in charge of and don’t need to be at the mercy of higher ups. Everything else is just a means to the end. If you are content to work for others though then let it just be a means to an end of finding the place that is most comfortable for you at a decent company at least for whatever position you are in.

People like this don’t change, something would have to happen for a shift in perspective. What that is :man_shrugging: honestly though i am sorry to hear this, no one should have to go through that. If i was you and could reach out for help to kick him out of the company then by all means. But the only cost is the after effect and that equation is unpredictable for me :crazy_face:. I may be blessed but my luck is shit.

I have never heard of flaring the aura. Can you elaborate more on the technique?

This has certainly been my experience.

OP, does your boss treat other people under him like this too, or just you?

I think its definitely worth shielding up to protect your energy system. Stuff like this tends to get its hooks in there.

I also concur that attempting a binding is well worth doing, as is undertaking some work to move him on. You may find the ritual with Geradiel from Magickal Attack effective for this. I’ve used it with notable effect before.

Essentially it is condensing the energy of your aura and agitating it to manifest. A simple way is to induce sudden and extremely violent emotions and shunt those into your energy output which would cause your aura to rapidly expand from the intense emotion but if you hold it back intentionally it condenses and could take visible form if there is enough power.

Best way to do it is to rapidly power up all the chakras intentionally accelerating and empowering the flow of energy through your body and then out into the aura with an intent and command letting it expand to fill a predetermined space but no further and the rest of the energy condenses and agitates it to manifestation. Effectively it is like a solar flare from your energy body. Regular people might not get much depending on how dense they are and your overall skill in this at first but psychically sensitive people will experience it with much greater impact. With practice you can do this with enough power and efficiency that even normal people will feel it and be affected. If done with destructive intent it can burn and melt the auras of those nearby creating an effect where they do not want to be around you.

Its similar to the technique I’ve observed some people use to repel attackers with their aura like a force push as well though that is much more focused along polarity of the conflicting auras but the principle is the same. A quick rapid discharge and condensing of energy within the aura to the point it flares up into a more energetic nature.

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I would go to Santa Muerte or any death related entity on this to kill the obsession

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Thanks, this sounds most interesting. I will have to experiment with it.