Advice on Finding a Compatible Partner

I know this style of writing anywhere. Were u on WF?

Hi again guys so as you know I have been doing a lot of love work but weird thing and it’s not the first time it’s happening. I went to a party tonight and I was talking to a man there I thought we were getting on well but he didn’t ask for my number. A few hours after he left I discovered his wallet fallen on the floor and gave it to the organizers. He returned within minutes and told me thanks wholeheartedly but still didn’t take my number. Just as well as I don’t date men with kids but I thought oh boy.

Well what happened is that I really ended up connecting and exchanging numbers with a WOMAN… now I’m not gay and I’ve never been with a woman but at the end of the day I can’t help but wish that she was a guy. She even told me to make sure that we keep in touch. Sighs. I thought that she was maybe giving off some gay vibes but I’m not sure in any case I have done work for new friends as well so hopefully this is that manifesting.

She can be the bridge to that lifelong friend or potential lover.

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Good point