Advice on Finding a Compatible Partner

Hi everyone I am having an issue that just won’t shake. I am 30 and single. I’ve been single most my life. I have been doing love work on and off for years but I just can’t seem to move from STATUS single sighs.

I have done spells from Papa Jim’s Herbal Book, Archer’s Union of Power, Zanna Blaise Angels of Love, Words of Power and Transformation and nada

Not only that I have done candle work and I have done a lot of love drawing baths based on my own knowledge.

So far Zanna Blaise has come the closest I did some stuff from her book and met a guy that was just like me in so many ways (political views, religious views, he was even open to the occult too). As we spoke over the phone and got to know each other in general I was pretty stoked and for a minute thought I had met a twin flame or something. We even matched up in the zodiac taurus and virgo. However, he seemed more interested in sex and gaming than actually me as a person. Example I came to his apartment and he couldn’t pull himself from the computer to come down to me. Another time he did not want to follow me to my car because a group game was about to begin. He was also really bad with finances and at 38 was badly indebted and seemed to carry serious resentment for people who are successful in life.

Outside of magic I have been getting out more, I have volunteered more over the past year and I joined a magickal order this year in hopes of among other things meeting new people in general.

Anyway, I see that a lot of support is on this forum and people seem really caring+knowledgeable so I was wondering if someone could give me some advice in this area. I would really appreciate it. Oh I am a female and I am only interested in males. Thanks for reading.


Look up Her Evocation. Learn it by heart. And deliver it with passion!



Thank you Uncle-Al, I searched the forum and saw your thread about this. I will definitely try it and then tell you of my success :slight_smile:

Thanks again.

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I’ve been married for decades. Here’s why: I married my best friend. That’s it. Really. I married my best friend. Result: We’re still together. We’re old, and we’re happy.


Hi! I’ll tell you what’s working for me, though I’m new here in the forums and only doing my research before advancing any further, so the way I’m manifesting things so far features only basic LoA and my own willpower.

Around a year ago I started to work on my Moon journal (I always do rituals in Full/New Moons). Basically, I scripted how I wanted my life to be (with more money, living elsewhere, happy, healthy, losing a bunch of weight and looking hot, and also having a Soulmate that I’d marry, living happily ever after etc etc). Well, now it’s been a year… and I’ve already ticked a lot of the things I scripted from mildly to fully manifested. Even when it seemed like it wasn’t happening… every inconvenience on the way was actually meant to happen for my goals to be achieved. It was all part of the process.

I put a condition for my hubby to manifest though: I want to lose at least 100lbs/50kg before I meet him. Like I said, I also scripted my weight loss… and I already lost 60lbs/30kg so far, so I’m getting close lol. I’m also moving soon, and I’m making a lot more money than I was a year ago, so I’d say things are pretty much on their way. At core, any magick or ritual you do is fueled by your willpower (though spirits and deities will definitely boost you and the effects you achieve). The witches of old didn’t have fancy materials or colored crystals and candles, and they also didn’t have the internet to share ancient conjurations with each other… so they just went out to the forest and picked whatever herbs or twigs they felt appropriate (if any) and that’s it, because fancy stuff isn’t what fuels your magick… your true strength is within, as it’s always been. In that sense, LoA is great for training your willpower and overall power to manifest anything out of thin air.

So, what I’d suggest is the way I did it… I “ordered” a hubby to the universe. I made a long, detailed list of how I want him to be, how I want him to look, how I want him to make me feel, what I want him to give to me, etc. Don’t be humble, don’t think you’re asking too much, just place your order and become a living god. You can even sort of “time” the manifestation as I did (placing personal conditions that affect you, such as it was a weight loss for me). As soon as you “place your order,” reality around you will have to readjust to your will, so yeah, give it time, and even when all odds seem to make you believe it won’t happen… believe me, all those inconveniences have to happen for your desire to manifest.

Of course, I bet other users here must have great ideas about spirits and deities that can be of assistance to give your manifestations that extra kick, so I’ll stick around to learn as well!

Also, just seen that someone mentioned Naamah while I was typing this, and I did a quick search and found this interesting post: Lilith & Naamah and the Moon (especially interesting to me since I work with the Moon a lot!)


Woah thanks so much for your reply I see you took quite a while to type it out :slight_smile:

I am glad to hear that so much of what you wanted has already manifested you must be doing something right! Especially since if I am reading correctly you don’t really seem to be working with a lot of spirits etc.

You do mention LoA though so can you please clarify if you mean the voodoo spirit? Or do you actually just mean the Law of Attraction? If the latter it would almost seem to me that you have empowered the LoA in a form of egregore especially since you are making an offering e.g. weight loss.

Truthfully I did make a list it had 14 “criteria” before meeting the last guy I dated he had checked off say 55% of the list. Interestingly, he told me that he made a list too and I had checked off like all the boxes. Obviously I did not tell him about my list. What I did not do was tie any personal sacrifice to the list. I have been taking general steps to improve my attractiveness though I bought some nicer clothes and shoes last year. I have also been aggressively attacking my acne, I had a particularly nasty flareup in early December.

I will also take your advice about using the moon as a guide for spells. I notice a lot of occultists swear by this Cobb New Avatar Power has quite a few of these in fact I just completed a 4 day one that had to commence on a new moon. Also prior to joining this order I had to attend introductory meetings and one member spoke at length about how moon spells turned his life around.

Thanks again for replying I will try what you have suggested and let you know of my success :slight_smile:

I also hope that you manifest everything on your list before the end of 2020!

I only work with a few Goddesses for now, and I’m really interested in incorporating Beelzebub to the equation, but I’ll do my homework first because I want to ensure I do things right and with proper respect!

With LoA I meant Law of Attraction, yep, but I don’t see my weight loss as an offering to anyone… I see it more like something I do for myself first, and the weight loss itself is a manifestation as well. It’s sort of like… “ok, for this perfect guy to manifest, I will improve myself first this way and this other way, because I want to meet him at my best, not my worst” but definitely not from the perspective of an offering or a sacrifice, but more like manifesting a better overall self. And also, like I mentioned, it provides me some sort of measure or timing, because I want to look hot again by the time I meet him, and this way I ensure when we meet it’ll be in my terms.

Truthfully I did make a list it had 14 “criteria” before meeting the last guy I dated he had checked off say 55% of the list.

Then that just wasn’t the guy!!! When you order a pizza, if by the time you open the box it turns out to be just half of a pizza… that’s simply not what you ordered!!! Don’t settle!

Haven’t heard of Cobb New Avatar Power, honestly, but I’ll look it up!


k gotcha :slight_smile: thanks for the clarification

Excellent advice! The listing of attributes, the energy and time you put into that list ‘alters the Morphic Field’, whatever that is. Also (fine) tunes your subconscious and there’s a lot of power hidden there.

Great post.



I know it’s old fashioned but The Compleat Witch by Anton LaVey is fantastic, both for girls and boys. A great primer on reading between the lines as well.



I did a spell using spirts mix, but i was advice to clean myself fisrt in oder tis work and remove obstacles, well in the place i wotk 13 new girls star working, i carry a amulet just for tat, the thing, is the most short, ugly totally .chik is crazy for me, its a link between us, she has a bf. But if the amulet get hot, and u feel a link spirtual. I gess its, but im taking everything slow now, if in 2 months u dnt see results i pass the spell. To u.

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Hello @sailing Sailing,
It was touching to read your post here.
Love was the primary force in inspiring me to learn about and practice magic so many years ago.

I am of the opinion that a more orthodox operation would be able to bring you a partner.
Seems like you are doing all the right things in your life already so a good operation the traditional way should move things along.

The books you mentioned you’re working from, according to my understanding are these like the new age gallery magic books wherein the formulae involves looking at some sigils, scanning letters, and saying a few words?

I think the spirit Porphora is pleasant to work with. You’ll need to set up a triangle, do you know how to do that?
He’s a very friendly spirit and brings great friendship into your life along with love.
Also, some experience with evocation is beneficial.

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Hi Ancestor, thanks for taking the time out to reply. I think a multi-pronged approach will get some results. I am also going to follow your advice and look towards a more traditional approach.

Some of the books are indeed new age but not all of them. Papa Jim is a purely herbal magick book with baths, burning etc. Most of the others are new age though :grinning:

I googled the spirit Porphora but nothing came up. Can you please point me to a book or website with information on this spirit. I have never heard of the triangle but researching it I have some examples to set it up. You do mean Solomon’s triangle right? Please feel free to share any tips you think may assist me in setting up the triangle.

Hi again ancestor so I found out that the triangle and Porphora are from Bardon’s Book The Practice of Magical Evocation. I have a physical copy of the book, I instantly remembered why I could not even remember I had it. The way it is written seems like lots on information where it shouldn’t be? Anyhow, can you shed some more light on your suggestions please.

@Uncle-Al I spent some time and communicated with Naamah people seem a bit friendlier nothing on the love side yet though

@BloodForPoppies I made my order looking forward to a delivery soon

If anyone else has any other ideas please let me know. I also made a really wonderful smelling magickal love oil out of ground cinnamon, rose petals, sugar, cloves and lavender with olive oil as the base oil. I use it on my skin daily as a love drawing potion.

I also used Words of Power and Transformation to channel Love. Did a red candle spell for love.

Petitioned a demon to bring love into my life as well. I do not want to sound desperate but imagine never actually being in a real relationship. Just feeling sad and well kinda desperate to be truthful.

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You’re sabotaging yourself. Research a lot about techniques and “mental hacks” to let go and give up the “lust for results,” because that’s the key to success in manifesting.

If you allow desperation to fuel your manifestations, again, you’re sabotaging yourself. As long as you feel desperate and in need, you’re trying to manifest from a place of lack, and that means you already assume you lack what you desire, and if you assume lack… guess what? You keep lacking.

The mindset shift has to go from “I need this to be happy” to “I want this, but I don’t really need it to be happy.” In truth, you don’t need a relationship because you’re good enough as you are, and you must only build your sense of self-confidence to realize of this. Once you realize you never really needed it, you will only want it, and then you can manifest it.

Those are the true keys, and they apply not only to LoA but also to any magick you practice as well. You have to be certain of your power to manifest and change your reality, not in doubt, not desperate. Feeling desperate implies the assumption of lack, while feeling certain implies the assumption of results. And to assume you will deliver your own results through your own power, you must feel confident in yourself.

I know, it’s easier said than done, but we’ve all been there. You have to fail a lot before you succeed, it’s normal, and anybody that succeeded has failed a lot before they made it. If you’re failing, you’re on the right path and you only have to make extra tweaks here and there in your methods.

As a tip, try manifesting something small, like being randomly given a flower bouquet or getting $100 out of nowhere. These small manifestations will help you become more and more confident so you can manifest big stuff.

Personal experience time, because I’ve been where you’ve been and I felt how you feel, so this isn’t me just telling you BS ok?

In the past (like 15 years ago), I manifested this awesome, romantic guy, he was just perfect for me, just as I ordered him… even in my state of desperation when I manifested him, he still showed up. Problem was… even after I got my wish granted, I couldn’t keep it for longer than a couple of years. My desperation for a relationship was just the mask for a lot of issues I had hidden within myself, and that ended up corroding and ultimately destroying a beautiful relationship.

See what I mean? This is why it’s crucial to manifest from a place of wanting but never needing.

Anyway, this is just my experience and what I’ve learned so far in my path, I hope it helps!


Thanks for your detailed reply but I beg to differ. Rather, it is perhaps the lack of caring about results where my love life is concerned over the years that has led to this. I simply have to put magick into high gear where this is concerned now I am not in my 20s.

I am definitely not sabotaging myself, it is more like this is an extremely stubborn area of my life and I do not put extreme pressure on this area I will suffer a fate which I simply cannot suffer.

Yeah no issues here except the issue of being more than a little tired of being single.

Does anyone have any more suggestions for spells, rituals and incantations that I can use? Would be grateful for any more insight as to how to finally be happy where love is concerned.

That seems reasonable. Remember when it comes to LoA you want the essence of that guy you want to be with. I heard from a woman who kicked the guy away because he had green eyes instead of blue. He was 99% of the criteria and almost had 100%. What the hell.
Don’t forget, women have standards, men have to.

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Don’t get me wrong, I didn’t do it arbitrarily just to be picky. I’m fully aware that to attract someone with specific traits I have to align myself to those traits too, and that’s exactly what I’m doing (if I want the person to be hot, healthy, happy, wealthy, etc, I focus on being that way myself first, and once I reach there, it just manifests on its own). We attract what we are, think, and do.

I`m just saying.
Not that you will be disappointed.

Its a spell were u write 3 words on a white cloth, small square, and buried under a tree oak. The first word is adonai. And 2 more, its on madter grimorio of rites and cereminies by nathan elkana, i only see in 2 books so far, maybe someone can pist the other too,? Apparently everyone kne tis spell. And found real live,