Advice on expelling an entity

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You can use your spirits to talk to it while your brother stays near during the discussion.

When I did it, I asked the questions, and my spirit guardian channeled the answers for me. I never heard her speak. I felt her attention focus on the process. She was very interested in getting help getting revenge, and in communicating. Her attitude and strength changed as the process went along, but she never tried to hurt me. Since your brother’s is more hostile, it might be a little grumpier.

Where is that girl that spoke in tongues? Have her over to help out.

You won’t know anything for sure about the thing until you are in active conversation with it.

There are a lot of people out there with more experience than I. Take @Qayos up on his offer.

Hiya Qayos. I have another similar problem I can’t work on right now. Post or PM me. :thinking:

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Perhaps he doesn’t need to get rid of it, but rather channel it and embrace it. Don’t fight the energy, but rather become one with it. Sometimes it’s the fight that creates the clash. If he tries that, the entity may become his best friend and life coach. You’d be surprised!

that would lead to posession, he should tell him to meditate to learn to control his focus completely, the less focus it recieves the less of a connection it has to him(also less energy and worse portal in the veil), sage would help a lot with removing the spirit and also his focus(so would kratom)

also ask the spirit what it wants from him/you so it leaves him alone and have Tyr as a mediator to enforce the agreement (make sure the spirit accepts him as a mediator)

Does anyone have good meditation video I can send him?
What did you mean leads to possession? Misuse of Ouija boards? He is fairly worried about meditation, thinking it will make it worse. I think all he can do is continue to try and find what works.

Just say to it, “Go into Clayton Ray Davies”. See what happens.
I take it.

just meditate to hold his focus on only one thing and nothing else, focus on only his breathing, a candle or dot or a sound/mantra

also look at the white wolf black wolf aboriginal saying, and think of his attention/focus/energy as a portal

(i meant that danziel’s comment would lead to possession)

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Me and a friend came across the chaotic demon, Choronzon. It sounds quite similar to what he is dealing with.

What does everyone think?

It doesn’t smell like him to me, Choronzon usually doesn’t go turning human people and spirit people into dolls to add to his collection (which is the vibe I’m getting from your brother’s 'keeper), he usually sticks to the darker places unless there’s a reason for him to slink and slime in or all over the limelight like how he fucked Crowley. Do you think any particular piece of the puzzle matches up to Choronzon, or does a thing about him tug on your chakras? You might be dealing with similar Spirits, if its more than your thinking doing the work! :slight_smile:

I’m not sure yet still as you said, I have work to do

But here are the things that stood out as to why it sounded like it could be…

“Choronzon appears to sometimes be a group of entities, and sometimes a single entities” (With the amount of entities that attached…)

…“is a spirit of dissolution, physical, mental and spiritual. Everything around it will begin to decay. It will do its best to hasten the dissolution of everything it can reach. Matter will slowly dissolve. Living beings will age and sicken.”
(My bro has been depressed because of it, has had some health issues as well. Not to forget the physical appearance of infectious moths was the form it revealed. Here is a photo that was on Google as well)

“Choronzon will do its best to hinder anybody from reaching Ascension or any other goal.”
(I feel like he has been in the past and since he has been made to feel like nothing will work to free him of the entity, his own ascension is prevented because of it.)

'The demon will almost always retreat from any attack, not even defending itself. But it will never give up, and will reappear later, in a more insidious form."
(It hides when we try to make it leave, and comes back.)

“The demon seldom appears threatening to a mage. Instead it appears to be a quite confused and irritating little being, unable to do much harm.”
(Since it lies all the time, the confusion is profound. He also calls it a pest and an annoyance more than anything big. He also says he is not afraid of it.)

“Choronzon very seldom manifests physically, preferring to possess people. It does this with great skill, making his victims think they are in perfect control over their own minds. When it does manifest, it will only appear as a voice. Sometimes it will manifest using many bodies and voices, giving the impression of a great horde of demons.”
(I don’t even have to explain why this is something that caught my eye.)

“Choronzon is deemed to be held in check by the power of the goddess Babalon.”(Found this from another link, but it could explain the Akkadian language, unless I’m mistaken).


its not choronzon, its just a parasitic entity that probably connected to him as a child


Ok, I had high doubts. It seems too low level and parasitic to be something like Choronzon.

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you can also talk to robert bruce, he deals with these types of things a lot, and he would help you(he basically knows how to talk to people indoctrinated by belief systems like religions as well)

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I just bought his book! How uncanny :smile:

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