Advice on expelling an entity

Hello all,
I figured this would be the best place to ask about this. My brother has had a negative spirit attachment for over a decade. We attempted to make it leave again two nights ago,on the full moon, for over 5 hours…

It twitches his body, and attempts to take his body over and speak through him. We know the name it goes by (unless it’s lying like it always does I am told…). My goal is to master the lesser banishing rite of the pentagram on my own and then use it.

Most people tell him that he has to let go and it will leave, because it wouldn’t be there unless he secretly wanted it there. He gets so mad when people he asks for help tell him that. The fact that he has tried multiple times to make it leave tells us he wants it gone.

Can any of you help with a specific ritual or anything at all in this regards? Anyone with experience in this type of entity attachment?

I personally believe that it’s been attached to him for so long that it will take more than the normal things we have been doing. Or continual effort.

Thanks for your input! I appreciate it🐐


Over a decade? That’s fairly unusual. When I then consider that it’s influencing his body as well, I start to view it as being less and less likely that this is a spiritual problem. Has he been to health care professionals of any kind?
If this is genuinely a spiritual issue, then the ideal would be for your brother to learn magic; it’s far harder for a spirit to influence someone who is energetically competent and it’s also easier to cleanse yourself than it is to cleanse someone else. Failing that, evoke the spirit and bind it to an object ( such as within a crystal or urn ) then store the urn somewhere safe. Your brother should keep himself busy, so that he doesn’t dwell on the spirit and draw it back.
Just remember that cases like this are fairly rare and 9 times out of 10 its a mental issue rather than a spiritual.
I’ve done alot of work to weaken the separation between the spiritual plane and our world, but I’ve only ever encountered one spirit that even came close to this; a ghost of the dead who wanted guidance to the spiritual plane. Manifested as a deep but fleeting sadness, as it tried to get my attention. I helped them out and nothing since. Just sayin’.

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Thanks for your reply! I know for a fact that it is not a mental illness or “in his head” type of thing. I felt the energy while holding his hands trying to get it to leave. I’ve also seen what it does when it is resisting leaving and trying to take over his body. I agree he needs to master himself, but help is sometimes necessary when one isn’t strong enough on their own.


In my opinion it’s his repressed shadow

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@LamiaPlantGuardian I was just going to say a version of this. A fractal spiritual essence. It does happen.

If that is not the case, however, definitely hone your LBRP, and learn the LBRH to compliment it. If you still have unwanted company, it is more than a base nasty and you may need to step it up. But both rites are staple knowledge anyways, so I would still learn them in and out.

Solar elements seem to work well for this, especially when paired with deeply rooted cultural symbolism. I had an issue similar to this that I resolved this way. Hope this helps.


Lucifer and Kali would help him a lot
find psychic self defense by Robert Bruce on scribd, and tell him to split from any spirit or consciousness being aware through him in any way, do the above with hypnosis and reaffirm that he is the only one in control of is body and mind


Mr. Bruce is an associate of some members of BALG, the business. This man produces solid work and his time is not free. So when you advocate Scribd as an alternative, you are not only suggesting piracy but also stealing from a man who is sharing his experience with the world.

@LamiaPlantGuardian this is an excellent book. Just consider casting for it before you decide to hijack the book on Scribd. If I can manifest a decent car this way, then a book should be no problem for you. Plus, it helps Bruce and facilitates his continued sharing of knowledge. Think of it as short term pain for long term gain. Plus it is an excellent chance for you to practice bringing what you want into your life. Win-win for all involved, especially you.

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Thanks for your input both of you! I will definitely look into and purchase the book.

I have heard of scribd but always thought for them to have the books on there the authors have to give consent and thereby get a percentage of money from the company. I really have no clue, maybe other people don’t know about it either. There should be a thread posted about it in the books category so that people on here are aware of this. I know for certain I want nothing to do with pirating someone’s hard work. I’m a writer as well, and would want the same respect.

I will suggest to him hypnosis. I wonder who would do it that in our area, that wouldn’t be freaked out by his issue, as most I’m sure would be.

Again I appreciate everyone’s opinion and advice.


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You can find EA’s work on Scribd, too. I’m not 100% sure, but I am willing to bet he is not cool with that, or being compensated in any way for it. It’s a bit murky at best.

That’s ridiculous! How is that legal??

I just did some research. This website says they get away with copyright infringement, while Scribd FAQ says they pay authors when people purchase the membership and buy their books. It says they pay the author the full price of their work.

I’m unsure. I can’t see them making money off of it. Maybe over time I guess with so many people paying $8 or whatever it is per month, but everytime someome would buy/download Koettings books, they would have to pay him the full price that every book is worth? Doubtful…

Are authors paid when I read premium membership content?

(From their website FAQ)
“Yes! Of course! We ensure our authors can continue doing what they love and write great books for our readers to enjoy by making sure they’re compensated when their work is part of our premium membership service. Scribd has deals with our authors and publishing partners concerning payment for all membership content. Basically, every time you read a premium title or listen to an audiobook, we pay the author the full price of their work! Revenue that Scribd earns from monthly membership fees is paid to the original publishers or authors every time you read their work on Scribd!”

:skull_and_crossbones:️:skull_and_crossbones:️ man i love the internet and their scheming ways for

The thing with copyright infringement is, sites will continue doing it until someone complains. Most people are far too busy to troll the internet looking for rip offs of their material, so unless it is directly pointed out to them by someone, and the author/publisher decides to take legal action, it usually doesn’t matter much, which is why so many sites do it, especially in the occult community.

Scribd has both a “premium” section you pay to access, and a free section, where a good amount of pirated material is available that they do not remove, so I find it highly doubtful they compensate authors in any way.


Hiya OP! There’s no need to resort to a book for an event like this, since prolonged events of this kind are almost uniformly outliers! What you need is a crossX. I can talk you through how I would get things done, but I’m my own weird, so I’ll do the best I can to guide you. :slight_smile:

Here are some cursory queries to enhance the lens:

  • What happens during the takeovers? Be as precise as you’re willing to be, in depth and breadth of describing the things that co-incide.

  • How does the Spirit behave? Does it move your brother like a person reacting moves, a dying person or a person in pain, does it treat him like a mannequin or puppet? If you don’t want to tell or can’t really put it to words, just tell me what you intuit when it’s around.

  • What makes you think it attached at the time it did, and not that it woke up?

  • Does anything follow, precede, or occur alongside the Spirit attacking your brother? Outcomes or Spirits? Has his life or anyone he’s close with’s lives gone wacko on a schedule or randomly?

  • Does the invader repeat anything?

  • Has anyone else noticed anything like it or about him? How often are the attacks? Is it rare for people to notice them?

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The things it does most on a normal basis is twitch his body, and try to take over. I don’t know much about it taking over on the daily basis, but mainly when trying to make it leave. During that takeover I begin to feel this crazy electric energy from holding his hands. If I’m closing my eyes and open them to look at him I will see him slowly losing strength of his body like he’s almost going to fall asleep or pass out. His body will vibrate and like seize and bounce like you would see in an exorcism movie I guess. (Trying to describe it to a T:wink: )
It will attempt to speak through him, it will be a different voice not my brother’s, and always says it’s name. It will laugh kind of maniacally and say it isn’t leaving. The first time I tried helping make it leave it threatened me saying that if it had to leave my brother, then it would just attach to me instead. When we tried last Sunday it said “No satan” , and “Fine I’m going”. But it lies and pretends it leaves and my bro feels fine for a little bit and then When we continued it started in again. When my brother is having the seizure episodes where it’s taking over or whatever my brother will make noises like he’s in pain, so yes there is pain, and I feel like it’s more of a puppet. I asked my bro what he thinks it wants or said it has wanted and he just said “me”. So I’m thinking it wants his energy to feed off of.

I feel like when it is acting up, I can feel it twitch my body as well. It feels like a muscle spasm but it’s more…whats the word … unnatural and forced.

I asked him if it was there before, and he said he never had the problem before and I believe he would know if he did.

There were apparently two spirits. The one was more human and ghost like from the Ouija board, and the one attached now was latched on that spirit. His friend that is into healing got the first spirit to leave that was less menacing (he said it flickered lights, and made loud noises like an explosion, and other weird shit). So the friend of his definitely knows and feels there is something on him and he’s not crazy, and it’s not just in his mind type of thing.

After we tried for 5 hours on Sunday, we were both sweating profusely. That’s the only thing that followed or occurred along side the attacks. Our hands were so sweaty that they were slipping.

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Hiya! That’s pretty unusual, it called you guys Satan? What names does the invader call itself, and do you smell or taste anything when it comes around? I don’t think it wants to eat your brother, because it wouldn’t have to talk through him or pull on him hard enough for you to feel it if it just wanted a meal. The strength and stereotypically evil mannerisms you’re talking about make me think that the Spirit attached to him for a karmic or dharmic reason (it needs him for something and/or the universe decided he needed this), or that he’s under some heavy juju, which I’m leaning towards based on your story. This reeks of complexity! Have you talked to any psychics or priests about this?

If the invader was attached to an Ouija-sourced Spirit, it’s pribsbly looking to you guys to turn into dolls to be played with.


Burn sage and rosemary in tandem. Recite a banishing/exorcism (I consider them the same.)

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I don’t think It called us satan, but whatever was trying to help us make it leave.

The name is pronounced “el ahnai ah sah more”.
I reminded my friend about it again, and he researched it. He said it’s hebrew. Here’s what he sent me:
El-ah fear of
Nai enhances first word
Ah- lord or prince (in the feminine form)
Sa- to turn
Mor- Masculine noun

When We try to make it leave it doesn’t smell like anything that I’ve noticed. When I was telling a friend about it over coffee, we smelled a sulfur scent, but haven’t smelled it since. We were in the city so I wasn’t sure if it was from city stench or something else so I kind of forgot about it.

I thought maybe it could be a karmic thing or something else. I’m unsure. But I can see how your last statement about wanting us as dolls to control would be right.

He has talked to many people trying to find answers and get help, and no one can or will help. The Catholics I believe told him that if he “really” wanted it gone it would leave… So helpful huh… I know a medium or some type of healer that is kind of well known screwed him over and took his money essentially. So he doesn’t trust many people at this point.

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This happened to me. I asked my then spirit guardian for advice before I tackled it, and it advised that I try to talk to it… Indeed, the spirit left after I talked to it, via divination. It took 3-4 hours and I was drooping with exhaustion afterwards, but it worked. I did not have help. In the end, I did threaten it, but it was near to letting go at that point.

My false identity ghost theory

ghosts lose coherency of identity very quickly, but a strong rage or desire for revenge will cause it to latch onto others and accumulate more ‘body.’ At a certain point it gains enough coherency from all the additional parts that it can maintain a coherent identity in the normal time-flow. But, that identity will come from any of the fragmented memories it now contains, and it will rewrite those into a “story” that becomes what it thinks it is and what happened to it, usually focused around the primary emotion that caused it to become this accumulating thing in the first place. It can continue to gather drifting fragments until it has enough strength to implant itself and cause real havoc in a person.

Two factors important here: it has constructed a fabricated identity whose seed contains a true-self. it began as a confused, lost, incoherent ghost that latched onto energy in an attempt to be able to grasp what who when where it might be. Most ghosts are fluff.

What to do:

Put it on the patient couch in a mystical therapy session. Ask about it.

What is your name? What happened to you? Where are you from? Why are you hurting my brother? What did he do to you? Are you related to us? Did a relative do something? What was it? What is your name again? When did this happen? When were you born? Where did you live? How did my brother / our relative meet you?

Usually, you will get a story that involves the spirit wanting revenge for something. Offer to help it find the revenge it seeks so it can find resolution. Delve into the details of why, where, how, who… Ask where to find the person that did the bad thing. If it gives strong, verifiable answers, I guess you could help it out, and that would be the solution. But, that is unlikely or it would have already told you.

When the story starts to change, you know you have the false identity ghost on your hands. Keep asking the spirit about itself and the bad thing it wants revenge for and all the details. Ask it to explain all the contradictions, or ask it questions that lead it to face the contradictions. The spirit will begin to weaken because it cannot maintain coherency of a false persona under the repetitions of all the contradictions. At a certain point, it might disengage on its own when it realizes it is not what it thought it was. Otherwise, when it is weak and becoming uncertain of itself, and your brother will feel that, tell it that it must leave for it has no right to remain. Point out the contradictions. Point out that neither your brother or a relative did this terrible thing it remembers.

If it still doesn’t leave, while it is still weak, threaten it. I used this threat. “You are in the wrong here, so me and my demon friends are going to shred your soul into oblivion. You will cease to exist. Or, you can let go and find your way home.” She let go.

Afterwards, and some other details

She kind of hung around the room for a few days. Clearly lost and confused again. I sent her a little energy, because sometimes ghosts need that to remember, to get the encouragement. After the 3rd day, she was gone for good.

She originally told me that she was a he, and that a relative of mine had murdered him and he was attacking me for revenge. In the end, she admitted she had overdosed on Heroine but suspected her boyfriend of lacing her dose with something on purpose. She was not related to us, nor was her boyfriend. My brother does a lot of drugs and I can imagine her trailing along on one of his dealers and then staying here, because this house is haunted.

I told my daughter about it, and she looked up the name the ghost gave me. She found it on a forum, where someone asked if anyone had seen Adrienne T____, as it had been some years since he saw her, and she had been doing a lot of heroine. Apparently she was from Kansas.

I did change after she left. I had been fighting a craving for alcohol, increasingly, and now that craving is just gone. And the location where she was had constant muscle knots, and they all evaporated in a few weeks. I never would have believed it, if it didn’t happen to me. I was astounded to discover I had a damned lousy ghost so embedded in my head.

If you have a spirit guide to ask, ask it what method will work. An exorcism, a ritual, or the seance method of talking to it.

Voodoo excels at eliminating spirits

They talk to them and sacrifice a chicken and give the spirit other things it wants, like eggs and I don’t remember what else, and cast cowrie shells until the spirit agrees to be put to rest. See this story:
How I Got Rid of an Eggun Buruku: Or, African Witchcraft: It WORKS! | amor et mortem

Good Luck and let us know what happens


Wow! Your experience is something else! Thank you for sharing it. What are some ways you suggest him to call upon his guardian spirit? He told me he isn’t afraid of the spirit but he is leery of seeing or communicating with any other spirits because they will lie about who they are so you trust them, and he can’t really know who they are. I mentioned to him that he could tell it to write it’s name, because they can only write their names so I have read…

He also divulged some more information last night about the issue…

He said his friend, (whom I’ve met) made the ghost that was first attached to him leave over the phone. But he could tell the other “higher” thing attached was still there. He said the higher thing currently on him never was physically outside his body, but mainly messed with him twitching and moving solely him, trying to speak thru him etc. The first ghost spirit would be more poltergeist and say constantly to “ask it a question”, flicker lights, and just mess with him that way. But I guess later down the line, when he was by his friend, after the first thing left, she touched his hand and she started speaking in tongues and talking to it, in what sounded like Hebrew and Akkadian (ancient Babylonian/Assyrian). He also said after she told it to leave when they were talking normally, she said she saw something leave him… So Idk if there were multiple things…

He also said he remembers it saying it’s a war demon or something with war.

The girl that he used the board with at the time it attached, said she didn’t get bothered and that spirits don’t like her for whatever reason. I read what my friend (the one who did the translation of the name from hebrew) said about the issue on messenger to my bro. My friend said that He felt it was something tied to the trauma of my bro being gay…and said He feels my bro has hate towards himself and that’s what is feeding it. My bro said he doesnt hate being gay or the act etc…
But he does carry a lot of fear generally in life. And I feel like my friend could be correct about the gay thing.
He then told me about when the first ghost spirit was on him and it would be more physical, there was a sexual energy that it emitted and he said he thinks it attached through that. I don’t think he meant it had sex …with him, because he said no it just had this sexual energy … I don’t know much more about it… If It watched him masturbate or something I’m not sure… but I asked if he thought it could be succubus, and he said no, that they were aggressive and had sex with you while you slept or dream.

I then youtubed Akkadian and there’s a video of people speaking it. He said it sounded familiar, but he wished he had a translator, but still wouldn’t want him to speak through him. When I brought up signing the name to know it, he said he didn’t want to give it control over him to find out…
How would i sit it down in the couch and talk to it if my bro doesn’t want to let it speak etc?

I also googled Akkadian translation and found this. I searched for “war” and found this.

That’s amazing that you could curb the alcohol issue on top of everything after that experience! I’m glad you found thus forum :slightly_smiling_face:mmm

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Hiya OP, would you rather I send you some sigils to open, or post them here? It sounds like you’ve found something I might wanna take off your hands. :slight_smile:

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