Advice on Courtship ... when one have strong foretelling abilities?

I’m able to foretell possible happenings affecting my life. Regarding courting a potential partner, these come in the form of precognition, premonition, or both.

One example: Within a school year, a lady expressed infatuation with me as I was with her eyes and smile—a held premonition of always being emotionally hurt by her attached itself to this potential courtship. Future offsprings of either ours or another relationship were involved, further complicating these emotions. I also had precognition of her future relationship with a medical specialist and her son. I passed on this potential courtship. The intuition came true.

Another example – precognition only: Under a workplace setting, a superior from a different department expressed lust for me. This girl was flirty, cute, and petite. The precognition of her revealed our life together with offspring and my career as a day trader. When inquiring my co-worker about her, it became known to me of her engagement with another man. Hence lust, and thus I passed on her. The only manifestation of the precognition was the part about my former career.

A premonition only example: A temporary workplace setting. A lady enamored me with ivory skin and a bright aura. We smiled as we passed by each other; in doing so, a foreboding of a steely cold void and hardship lingered. I inferred from this a potentially life rebirthing event. Later, I saw her, her son, and another man. She caught my gaze and smiled. She still has breathtaking skin, but her bone structure and aura were utterly different; rebirth?

A psychic said to me that if I wanted the “good” things in life, I would have to let the bad in as well. Thus I correlate the foretelling as a self-preservation mechanism of morals and innateness. The “bad” doesn’t have to be destructive; it could be trying. The persistence thereof is capable of being repurposed into more evil intent, thus ought to be avoided.

Some opportunities present themselves to probe the accepted level of knowledge of a potential mate. While not directly relating to foretelling, knowing a possible mate acceptance of surreal metaphysics is ancillary with each other. A moment I recall was an exchange I had with a co-worker. I was standing next to her in a checkout lane at a retail store. I was confident we would chat a bit, but that never happened. After completing the transaction, she left the register lane with her purchase and boyfriend. When we met up at work, I mentioned my presence at the retail store. Her reply was, “Why didn’t I see you?” “I was standing right next to you,” I responded. I told her of the exchange she had with the cashier as proof I was next to her. She had a look of confusion and concern on her face. Then, I said to her, “Do you believe in Angels?” In a raised, scared voice. she exclaimed, “You’re freaking me out!” I did not pursue her. She would not have accepted the level of metaphysics I may have within me.

Does foretelling of possible futures still occur within me? Yes. Hence the inquiry on solutions with regards to my foretelling abilities. Is there magic to block my abilities? Should I pursue someone more accepting of metaphysics and the surreal possibilities?

This isn’t someone not accepting your “level of metaphysics” this is someone scared because you sounded like a stalker/serial killer. Even as someone who practices and believes in the occult, this just sounds like a frightening experience especially for women. As a trans man, before I transitioned, I had a stalker tell me he could feel/see my “dark and beautiful aura” which is flat out creepy, let alone a non consensual energy reading. You should work on your social skills more.

There are ways to control your abilities, it’s like flexing a muscle. I’ve needed to do so for my clairsenses as they sometimes give me headaches. Practice in your own time, try to conjure and cut off premonitions, have control over your abilities so you don’t block them completely but are able to use them at will.


Thank you for your reply. Note, in many examples, there is context and established rapport with these women. I’ve considered withholding specifics as not to identify persons, locations, and situations. The use of

is unnecessarily inflammatory as I have already addressed her emotion.

There is a correlation between language and perception. Thus gauging one’s assimilation to alternate extrasensory perception is valid. I was with a different lady at an eatery. She expressed to me her actualized dream of the present time. I began to ask her questions about it and share my own foretelling experiences. So, yes, being able to communicate the previous topic aids the acceptance of one another.

I do not seek confirmations of my precognitions nor my premonitions. Instead, they are affirmed by mutual acquaintances or the person themselves when encountered in public happenstance. I desire to avoid foretold events as they have become more frequent and accurate. I am new to all this stuff, yet this has been a staple part of my life since adolescence.

I do not know what I do to conjure these premonitions. Nor do I know how to cut them off. I am hopeful since control of my abilities was mentioned. I’ll have many searches to do.

No offense but I’ve fucked up potential relationships because of this. Well not as extreme as your case. Most people just aren’t used to this stuff like we are. It’s different if you’re in an actual relationship with them but with a stranger, just don’t do it.

You can block them by just not engaging in them.

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That didn’t come off as inflammatory to me.

Relax dude. He wasn’t attacking you.

Thing is, if you were right there, you could’ve initiated a conversation maybe if that’s what you were wanting. But you didn’t.

Then you brought it up, and acted wierd about it.

I don’t see the segueway where you go from “didn’t you see me?” To “do you believe in angels?

It’s a wierd thing to say unless I’m missing some larger context to the whole thing.

At any rate, this lady definitely didn’t feel comfortable with the exchange. 🤷


Addressed and answered in a previous response:

Not too many persons, myself included, live in a void. Precognitions and premonitions build off of either two components: bloodline and experiences. Bloodlines are the most straightforward family members, relatives, genealogy, etc. Persons and acquaintances derived from experience enter into one’s life purposely. The frequency and duration of persons are significant to possible precognition and premonition. Derivatives from experiences and blood relatives may put into motion a denouement that leads to an affirmation of a foretold event. Thus, I or anyone else with foretelling abilities may inadvertently engage in predicted events.

Emphasis added by capitalizing the word you.

Again, addressed and answered in a previous response:

Examples used were of many distant years. I would not feel comfortable posting current or ongoing courtship. The format or structure of post reads as follows, examples of foretold event, it’s affirmation, gauge of metaphysical acceptance and inquiry into solutions with regards to foretelling abilities. I may inquire with moderators to see if there are better ways in which I could have written this topic.

Okay let me try to shed some light on this:

Imagine you meet the love of your life and you have a daughter.

She comes home one day and says a random co-worker described every word she said in a store, then asked her if she believed in angels.

Would you tell her to go get her guy?

Or would you see the slightly bizarre action of recounting how he observed her, then mentioned spirit beings (which many people don’t even believe in) as a bit worrying?

Sometimes it’s easier to see things from a different perspective.

I agree that finding a way to refine your social skills is a good thing, you don’t need to change who you are, but doing the equivalent of going full Trekkie on someone about magick and mental powers straight away can weird people out. I hang out with demons, spirits, gods etc 24/7 and I’d find that pretty strange, especially the thing about replaying to her exactly what happened.

Please just take this as data and not intended as a personal attack, I am just trying to give you feedback on how things can be perceived. :+1:


At first, the word choices used by the replied poster expressly noted as harsh terms. Other word choices can express actions as opposed to the use of labels. An unrelated example term, the word risky. The extreme connotation thereof would be reckless. The softer tone thereof may be unknowing. Subsequent replies fester into the author being the subject instead of what-of foretelling abilities in courtship. A follow-up replied to grammatical word style criticism as a personal attack (lack thereof) and added nothing to the discussion per community guidelines standards.

What is more disconcerting about the replied post is the number of likes it has received. It’s akin to a time-lapsed bystander effect. Where, instead of appropriately flagging the post for community guidance violation, members gave likes thereof. The username will be unwarrantedly be associated with the label targeted by the replied poster.

As the forum title provides, “Become a Living God” is the idea that members seek to control and gain knowledge over environments or entities, whether physical or otherwise. This forum provides a platform to share ideas and experiences to strive towards that goal. Persons with unique experiences, extraordinary skill sets, or desires to semble a meaningful life ought to be able to do so without being libelous labeled by other members.

I came across ideas to ground the premonitions and precognitions from mediums and search results. But before returning to that topic, many foretold occurrences are not determinate. Many relationships can resolve themselves – but this requires both parties being comfortable with metaphysical possibilities or one party being a master of metaphysics of which surreal occurrences are limited. This grounding procedure is non-discrete.

I choose to omit specific tumbling stones to focus on base attributes so readers can adapt the procedures as they see fit. For positive premonitions, stones with grounding and balancing or centering ought to be selected, and for negative, stones with grounding and protection are effective options. Layer the stones in a container big enough for both feet and warm saltwater. Optional: use of heated stones with respective properties. Place both feet in the container in a sit-down position. Focus on the possible future event while feet are emerging in warm saltwater-covered stones. This grounding procedure must occur at the earliest convenient time after the foretelling implantation. The attachment to body and earth (saltwater and stones) ought to clear emotions and mind. “Although one cannot entirely avoid foretold events, actions and reactions will be better assimilated by the recipient thereof,” advised by consulted mediums.

As an example: A positive courtship premonition experienced was one of warmth and a new day aura. Precognition, attached to the experience, was of a lady doing dishes and our embracement. Yes, I eventually know of that lady. The result could have been different: What was a premonition to happen in contrast to what transpired had some “grounding and balancing work” done.

I am not skilled nor knowledgable to comprehend the grounding of negative premonitions. Thus, readers are welcome to respond. Lastly, please note that foretelling abilities do not happen in a vacuum. It takes many energies, empaths, and controlled behaviors for premonitions and precognitions to materialize. Thus foretelling need not be developed. Instead, this is an innate feature of humans buried in over-encumbered lives.

@Bly_Roberts, just because you get a premonition that happens to reflect your current situation does not mean it’s the best outcome nor does it mean it’s the worst outcome for your specific situation, I’ve had very few premonitions that were literal most are symbolic and the imagery played very little within the actual meaning.

i don’t doubt your having these experiences because you’ve keyed onto a few experiences I’ve had myself, my question for you is what is your emediate experience before you have the premonition; are you falling into the persons eyes, switching places with them or is it more akin to falling into a thought/day dream from yourself?

Thank you for your astute response. I concur; Potential outcomes are an experience. How one manages it is indicative of one’s character. One is seen as abnormal or feared if all details of the foretold event are expressly shared. If none or too little is shared, the targeted recipient of a premonition second-guesses past and current available actions. Ultimately present physiological states, past events, and future options ought to be balanced communicatively between partners.

I rarely have had symbolic precognitions or premonitions. When they occur, I find these to be search expeditions of control keywords. This search is akin to tarot readers and astrologists actively expressing words that resonate with audiences’ invoking actions (namely, more readings or guidance). Or psychologist and psychiatrist passively listening to keywords or situations to determine possible actions to warrant additional therapies. Dreams are assemblage symbolically, literally, or archetypically to attempt movement in a controlled response. To audit, these dreams would need to reconcile actions, reactions, and inactions. But I digress.

My foretelling events appear during slumbering. An ambient floating (devoid of height) or rocking motion (better visualized as a massaging water mattress) accompanies these. Their actualization occurs enough into the future to allow denouement of naturally sequencing events and reinforced by mental “Deja Vu” or shock of auras feelings. Upon awakening, my mind is weighty but not heavy nor achy.