Advice on chakra activation

I’ve been wanting to do some chakra exercises along with my energy work because I feel like I’m delving too deep too fast into majickal work such as spellcasting and evocation without strengthening my spiritual bodies first.
I’ve been working with my energy practices a lot but don’t know how to activate chakras.

There’s a lot of bullshit YouTube videos that say shit like “activate your 3rd eye or chakras in this 10 minute meditation”.I’m smart enough to know that activating them takes time but don’t know where to start.

Any suggestions?

Your chakras are all “activated” already. The process of clearing blocks, increasing the energetic load they can handle, and having your energy flow in a healthy way is an ongoing process, that has more to do with psychological and emotional balancing than a one shot deal. Some processes like the one EA has in questing after visions help this unfold. Bija mantras are very powerful and should be used with patience.

Raphael told me a lot about chakras and gave me some exercises. You could ask him.

I agree with UndeadGod. They are all active, it is more a process of becoming aware of them.

Well, since you are on E.A. Koettings forum…

I keep telling you people to do this exercise every day, no-one listens.


[quote=“Gnosis, post:4, topic:2293”]Well, since you are on E.A. Koettings forum…

I keep telling you people to do this exercise every day, no-one listens.


…what do you mean “You people”…

I’ve done that exercise and it just seems to put me in the TG sync more than anything.

A method I like for the Ajna chakra is vibrating the god mam Eh He Eh into your 3rd eye.

Orismen,would you mind sharing the advice you received from Raphael?

dude if you can hold the T/G sync then that is half of the battle won. Get into the state and instead of going through an evocation work on clearing blockages instead. You can do it in alpha/beta states but you get more out of it while in trance. Plus it helps your concentration tremendiously. Which makes the rapture a little more vivid and easier to hold.

I would buy as much as you can on Robert Bruce’s works. He explains the symptoms and what could be happening when you take on this work. Im not that much for writing things down, but while you are working on your energy body get a journal for your dreams, symptoms and emotional qualitites. You will identify your weaknesses easier and figure out ways to know yourself better. In turn you willl get more out of evocation/divination.

btw Gnosis is right and the link is gold, just substitute the third eye for another chakra or set of meridians. Work on it until you have a firm grasp on what you want to get done.

Look, I will share a personal ritual for everyone because I had these problems not too long ago. No one really helped me identufy what I was looking for I had to feel it for myself. It just helps to know what to look for when it happens, so you can cultivate energy a little better.

I evoked a lot of shit that seemed like it didnt work, but I wasnt tuning into the right state and when I was it was a stepping stone for personal experience as to the potential was this can manifest.

First spend a week paying attention to what you do. Seriously. Get your journal and map out your day. What time you wake up, to what you eat, how many times you masturbate, to how many times you blink. Write it down. Dont lie to yourself you will not grow as much. This can make a person aware of their subconsious attachments and what they generally gravitate to.

Figure out your habits and learn your chakras then associating these attachments to the prescribed chakra and work on the blockage from there. I printed a subtle body map from robert bruce’s astral dynamics and took a full body picture of myself and overlayed the energy map over the selfie. Created a chart and associated my attachments to what I knew of my chakras and became aware of what I was actually doing.

At this point if you come across a weakness, EA made a video about naming your enemy. You now have a name and a way to help clear that attachment. Watch his Youtube channel.

I made index cards and sigilized these blocks then used a black mirror to concentrate on it and confront the issue. Burn the sigil when you feel you need to move on.

I had a pile of Index cards made. Each time I burned one, I felt awesome. I treated it like it was medicine and anticipated the cure. Helped let go of attachments and cleared up some things for me.

I went through a lot of weird psychological shit. Think about it you just removed something from your body. Physical or not you will want to try to fill the void of that attachment and my become depressed or experience emotional disturbances. If you wrote down everything you now know why you are feeling that way and how to deal with it.

I also, implemented a healthy diet and workout program to help my body. Balance is key.
Basically if you can get into the proper states of mind (t/g sync) and write down your actions you will see why you are the way you are.

Doing stuff like this helped me is so many ways. Getting all of that out of the way will pave better ways for your evocations/divinations. You will ask better questions in evocations and see your divinations before you touch your tools.

+1 for everything here, also, start paying very close attention where energy is directed in your body when you orgasm, and learn to replicate it without sexual stimulation.

yeah, build up to tantra. To me that is the corner stone to awesomeness.

Take is slow and build up. It took me a bit to mow through it. One day you will kinda come online. For me I was sitting on my couch and looked around and got it. If you watch the movie Limitless, when bradly Cooper takes that pill and cleans his apartment. That is close to the feeling I am trying to portray.

After a while you wont really need evocation/divination. I took a break. When you go back to working with entities, well…find out. Its a whole other level of occultism.

Yesterday I started the chakra exercise from QaV,and am going to do it everyday.

Has anyone done this on a daily basis?
If so what were the results?