Advice Needed: Timing of rituals with entity of Goetia

Hi, I need some advice about the timing of rituals. Generally, I’m working on methods from Demons of Goetia. I use the Goetia Pathworking by Corwin Hargrove, Lucifer and the Hidden Demons by Theodore Rose and Demon of Magick by Gordon Winterfield.

Yesterday I was trying to perform a ritual to connect with an entity from Goetia. I felt no energy and no connection. It was the new moon.

  • I’m asking if there are days with a full moon is better to perform rituals or if there are “better” times during the day to perform it?
  • Also, can the guardian angel affect or interfere in the effectiveness of the ritual? Should I perform any kind of banishing or make the guardian angel leave the room?



I have used Goetia Pathworking method with some additional things, incense and candle corresponding to that entity, and Enn. Before ritual, first of all I gather information about the spirit I am going to call. At night, I banish ritual space. Afterwards, I relax, breathe, light incense, follow Pathworking steps, then I chant Enn some three times, call spirit name (also some three times), light the candle, I welcome the spirit, talk to him/her and ask him/her what I need/want. After I have asked what I need/want, I thank to the spirit and dismiss her/him.


i use lhd and dom all the time.(dom not so often).
They re not the kind of books that will make you feel something,its results oriented books and this is not something bad.
With lhd if you meditate and calm down you ll get easily a respond from the demon,just practice.
With dom,the 2nd ritual i dont feel something only the energy shift,when the spirit arrives.
You have also the 3rd ritual,as a full evocation if you want to dig deeper.
Timing doesnt affect really that much imho.


Thanks a lot for the advice.


Thanks for the advice. This what I know from the DoM and LHD books that the time doesn’t affect but yesterday in the new moon I felt low energy from this entity I was trying to call not at usually for that I wanted to ask people with more experience than me.

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You need more data before you can form any conclusions.

It doesn’t sound like more than one bad day to me. If you repeat this a few times, on new moons and not new moons and compare, and the new moons are always weird, then you have a pattern and you know that, for you (but maybe not others as we’re all energetically different) that you want to avoid calling that entity on new moons.

Also, magick is all about your mindset and how that affects your energy: if you expected some issue you could have just created it.

Otherwise if you’d been trying for a really yang working that needed full moon energy as a part of it’s design, then the new moon would be no good, but that doesn’t sound like it’s the case.

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I understand what you’re saying. Its seems to be good approach create my own pattern with the entities I work with. This is what I’m trying to understand y do with practice. Really, thanks for the reply very useful advice for me. :smiling_face:

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